Tissue pouch tutorial

Thank you to all the people who have commented and become followers of my blog, I really appreciate. It’s making me smile just thinking about it. I’ve been religiously checking my email for updates from blogger to the extent that my boyfriend rolls his eyes and asks if I’m on blogger AGAIN as soon as I open my laptop or check my Itouch! ;p

Anyways all the comments have encouraged me to post a new tutorial. I’m actually helping my boyfriend move house at the moment and its complete chaos, and I’ve managed to catch a cold in Summer! Who does that? So I decided to make a tissue pouch I could chuck in my handbag and go….that's if I can find my handbag amongst all the half filled/half-full boxes ;p

So as always before I start a project I like to look around the net to find inspiration and instructions which can help me with the little light bulb in my head. Below are some tissue pouch tutorials I have found:

1. Japanese Lace Tissue Pouch

2. Foldable tissue pouch

3. Cutout + keep tissue pouch

4. Very purple person tissue pouch

5. Sew funky tissue pouch

  • outer fabric 23cm (h) x 22.5cm (w) 
  • pre-made bias tape ~ 50cm OR 2 rectangular strips of fabric  25cm (l) x 3cm (h)
  • note that this measurements are based on tissues ~ 18cm x 11cm 

    • Grab the outer fabric and fold the two shorter sides into the middle. IRON. 

    • Now grab one of the rectangular strips of fabric and fold in half and iron.
    • UNFOLD. Now fold the two edges of the fabric into the centre and iron again. Repeat for other piece.
    •  UNFOLD. Now pin 'good side' of rectangular piece onto the wrong side of the outer fabric.
    This is what the pinned pieces should look like

    • Sew the rectangular piece and the outer fabric together.

        This is what it should look like once the outer fabric and rectangular strip are sewn togther
        • Flip the rectangular strip so it now has its good side facing up.IRON.
        This is what it should look like from the front

          • Flip the fabric over so the good side is facing up and iron down the rectangular strip as shown below.
          • Now topstitch the good side of the rectangular piece down, along the edge away from the folded edge. Although you can topstitch both if you like - but I'm lazy and also sick and urgently in need of tissues.

          It should look like this once sewn
          • Repeat for the other edge.
          •  Fold the fabric into the centre so the rectangular strips just meet as shown below in the picture. Now pin both sides to close the case up.
          •  Sew the case closed.

          It should look like this once sewn
          •  Now turn the case the right way round and add in tissues and your done!

           Happy Sewing! XOXO
          mel@all.wrapped.up Web Developer

          The indecisive crafter


          1. thanks for the wonderful tutorials. they will make great christmas gifts. we have a gift-day earlier: December 5th, I don't think I'm gonna make that. But I'll try it later.

          2. Great pouch. I haven't sewn in ages but I think I could do this one :)

          3. Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial. We posted the link to your blog for it on our charity blog at www.ReliefShare.org and on facebook.

            Happy Holidays,
            Carol Green

          4. I really like this! such a great idea. Cold seem to be going around at the moment, such mixed weather in Melbourne isnt it. I will try this project out, thanks for inspiration

          5. Oh how cute!!! And so incredibly easy! Thanks for sharing, I'm going to make this :)

          6. it's much more fun to use than roaming around with like 3 of those horribly ugly non-re-sealable plastic tissue packs. :)

          7. Seu trabalho é muito lindo, amei essa bolsinha com motivos japoneses.

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