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So I have been horribly deficit in my promise to update regularly, but during the last leg of my trip I didn’t have any internet at all to distract me, and managed to pen the last week and a bit of travel. So I definitely have them all in my arsenal to post. 

Also, more good news for the crafters out, there I managed to go to the famous Nippori Fabric Town in Japan for shopping so I have some tips on where to go. Unfortunately the first time I went the place was deserted, as it was still part of the Japanese New Year Holiday period, but that’s a story for another time. 

So in other news I passed second year! w00t! So now I'm based at a local hospital for the next year 'working' from 8 - 5pm and 8 - 8pm some days hence the not posting recently. But I do hope to have some tutorials up soon on drawstring bags (to protect my stethoscope) and hopefully a flex frame glasses case, some new bags including some eco-friendly foldable bags and some sturdy work bags. Anyways i will try and post tutorials during the next few weeks (and fingers crossed one tomorrow) and intermittently post the stuff from Japan. Thanks for staying on board!

So Days 2 and 3 of our trip were spent at Tokyo Disney Resort, which is comprised of Disneyland and Disneysea. Since we had heard about the epic crowds at Disneyland prior to going we researched and found a Disney prediction calender which as it suggests predicted the most populated days based on past years, weather and holidays etc.  On some of the more crowded days they suggest that you just enjoy the atmosphere and not try to get on the rides at all! 

Cute handles on the train to Disneyland - even the windows are mickey mouse head shape

Look at the crowds gathering to buy tickets
The Disney hotel which all the lucky people get to stay *sigh*

Below is the English version of the key used in the calender: 

S:Extremely super crowded
Don't try to ride attractions. Enjoy the atmosphere

A:Super crowded
Don't try to ride attractions. Enjoy the events.

B:Very crowded
You might want to wait in line, but expect for only 3 or 4 rides.

Normal congestion of Tokyo Disney Resort.

You might need to wait in line for a while, but you can ride attractions.

E:Not crowded
You can ride attractions without waiting so long.

The best thing about Tokyo Disneyland and Sea was that they had fast track tickets – which meant that you could skip all the long queues and come back within a set period of time, usually an hour to few hours later, depending on how popular the ride is and how early you get the ticket. The rules of the ticket are that you can only have one active fast-pass at a time. 

The are you Disneyland Passports
However, you can get another fast pass once your current fast pass time has started. For example, you get a fast pass for the Splash Mountain and the return time is for 13:15 – 14:15, at 14:15 you can get a new fast pass for let say, Pooh’s Honey Hunt before you actually go on Splash Mountain to minimise your waiting times. This plan of "attack" at Disneyland really only works if you fast track one of the most popular rides first and queue for the other, because as it gets later the wait times get longer – as you can see below it can get up to 110 minutes. 

Sorry about the quality of the photo but it says Tower of Terror 110min wait.
Thus, during our two days we managed to go on all the fast pass rides by taking tickets and waiting in some of the shorter i.e. 60 minute queues. Sadly, the amazing fast pass tickets do run out very fast for the very popular attractions and sometimes the return times are not until 21:30 so best to get in when the parks open and stay until they almost close! It’s exhausting but fun.

Also don’t miss out on the parades they are amazing: 
And see how realistic Alice looks, blonde and everything.

night time light parade - and then my camera died after 250 pictures at Disneyland

Also who could go to Disneyland and resist the souvenirs?

LOL my boyfriend is going to kill me when he sees this pic online but its too cute!
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