Drawstring bags galore and a cheater's flexframe bag tutorial

To reward (but really thanking) you all for staying on board until my next tutorial I decided to post all the drawstring bag tutorials in one post rather than spacing them out over the week. I've decided to try and study during the week to absolve my guilt about crafting on the weekends and hopefully post on most Tuesdays. But it goes without saying that time management is not my strong suit (as evidenced by my many delayed posts).

Just a note about the travel wallet I made a while back, I was hoping to post a tutorial up but I haven't quite perfected the technique yet. The first on I made included a hot glue gun as there were too many layers for my poor sewing machine to go through. And the second one I used bias binding but still had a problem with the layers. But I promise when I finally get around to making a third I will post it.

Now on to the tutorial, so there are many many ways to make a drawstring bag and to each their own. But, as many of you know if there is a fast and easy way to make something that's the way I'm going to go. =D

A wealth? of drawstring bags
Stethoscope bag
Drawstring toiletries bag
All lined up
Flex frame, drawstring glasses pouch

Drawstring Bag Tutorial 1: Turn and hem method 

  • 2 x outer fabric 33cm (h) x 20cm (w) 
  • 2 x inner fabric - lining 32cm (h) x 19cm(w) 
  • string for the 'drawstring' 45cm (or 2x 45cm if you use the second tying method)
  • Grab the outer fabric with the good sides facing each other and sewing around the three edges as shown below with a 0.5cm hem. Leaving a 4cm space from the top edge for the drawstring later on. 

  • Grab the inner fabric and repeat.
  • Place the inner lining (wrong sides facing each other) inside the outer bag (good sides facing each other) as shown below.
  • Line up the top edges of the outer fabric and the lining with each other. Fold the bag into its separate sides and iron down as below. Stitch along the top edges of the bag with a 0.5cm hem.
  • Turn the bag through the hole at the top edge of the bag.
When I saw this picture it reminded me of a hernia - I have clearly being spending too much time in the hospital!
This is what the bag should look like turned out the right way.

  • The drawstring edges of the bag may be a bit rough,but all you need to do is iron it down.
rough edge
ironed smooth
  • Top stitch the top edge of the bag with a 1cm hem. You will have to do this on each side of the bag (although the picture just looks like one)
  • The below picture shows what the bag should look like once topstitched.
  • Now don't forget to thread the string through. If you have a bodkin they are amazing I got one from Daiso a chain of Japanese 100yen shops, otherwise you can use a safety pin to thread your string through. 
  • There are actually two ways to thread the drawstring: 
    • The first way is two just simply thread the string through one each side and tie. 
    • The second way involves 2 strings one thread through each way so you end up with a knot on each side of your bag. 
And then you are done! The bags come in very handy for traveling or as toiletries bags if you line them with laminated cotton or oilcloth.  Tah Dah!

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  1. awesome! thank you :)
    I have actually messed up drawstring bags before so this is very helpful :)

  2. Just made the drawstring bag and the tutorial provided above was great.