Glue + paper = jewellery? series part 2 - earrings

So despite what the date says on the top of my last post this is in fact the 'tomorrow' in which I promised to show you how to make matching earrings to the glass tile pendant.
First things first, I have tried to make the glass tiles into earrings but they are extremely heavy and I always have to take them off halfway through the day because the weight is too much. So now I have come up with a very simple alternative - just use the same paper to make them match. Duh! 
This tutorial is an up-cycle of some old shell backed earrings I have that were 'in' fashion a few years back - to be honest I probably wore them once ever. But the earrings can easily be made with some stiff cardboard instead.

  • Old earrings or some stiff cardboard
  • Pretty paper 
  • GLUE - Diamond Glaze, PVA glue/ craft glue, Super Glue
  • Earring Findings 
  • Grab your old pair of earrings and detach the parts from each other using a pair of pliers. Remember to keep all the parts because we will be using them later.
  • If you are using stiff cardboard then just trace 2 equal circular shapes - any shape you want really
  • Grab your pretty paper and position your earring shape to find what kind design you'd like
  •  Trace the outline of the earring shape and cut
  • Place a thin layer of glue over the earring shape
  • Press the paper cut out onto the earring shape firmly. Don't worry about any overhang as you can simple push it back over the earrings to give it a nice curved shape.
  • Once the paper has dried, flip the earring shapes over and place a small amount of diamond glaze onto the earrings. Spread thinly. 
  • Contrary to popular belief more diamond glaze dose not make your earrings look shiny it makes it look murky - can't you just tell I tried this! The murky colour is because the diamond glaze is already cloudy but once spread over colourful paper it also picks up that colour and just becomes glunky (for lack of a better word). Stingy is best!
  • Once the diamond glaze has set in its nice shiny glory, grab your super glue to attach your findings. 
  • Make sure to press firmly and to be careful of your fingers. Once dry you will have a nice pair of matching shiny earrings. 

Paper earrings tutorial #2
  • So rather than waste the spare earring shapes/backings I had left over I decided to make paper earrings in a different way. 
  • As with the first one, use the earring as a template to trace onto you pretty paper and cut. 
  • Apply a thin layer of glue before pasting down the paper, so it doesn't become soggy and leave to dry 
  • Once dry flip the paper over and apply some diamond glaze - thinly! Can you see the murky colour?this probably needs to be spread thinner - though if you like super shine and don't mind waiting you could probably just wait for one layer to dry before adding the other. 
  • Also if you didn't have diamond glaze clear nail polish would also work very very very well.
  • Once the nail polish/ diamond glaze has dried, grab the earring findings from before - w00t saving money!
  • Use the jump ring from before to poke a hole through the paper, going through the original hole that was used.
  • Once secured you can affix your earring hook? to your jump ring and....

  •  Tah-dah new earrings, well two new earrings from one old pair!

 Hope you liked it and if you have any question please feel free to ask =D

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  1. These are so gorgeous! I have some old earrings and pendants I can totally try this with.

    You seem to still have ample time to craft even in med school. I'm heading to med school next year myself, has it been easy for you to balance your time between school and hobbies?

  2. Oh these are brilliant, it makes me want to go and make a pair right now! Perhaps vintage children books could be used too. Great job!

  3. Thanks for commenting Erica, I love the idea of using vintage children books but I don't know if I have the heart to cut into a book! I'd probably find an image off the net - I used to love Milly-Molly-Mandy books with her red pinstriped dress I reckon that would be adorable! Have you read the books before? Otherwise even fabric could be used or lace - infinite possibilities in face

  4. Hi Annie,

    Sorry to take so long to reply to your post but I've been thinking about how best to reply to your question about balancing med school and crafting, and to be honest I don't have a good answer at all. As you can see from my blog I post irregularly at best and that's because something inevitably comes up. In Australia, med school is a 5 or 6 year undergrad course but from what I can gather your in America and you have a post grad course right? This probably means you are extremely smart to beat out all the others and have already been hitting the books for the past few years. I reckon the key is to be organised which no doubt you are to get into med school anyways. But I'm frightfully horrible at it, probably shouldn't say that as people won't have any confidence in Australian doctors but I'm literally the median student, no where near a genius but not right at the bottom either. Med school is HARD.I'm disorganised and the only thing I seem to be persistent at is losing motivation. I think that especially with people doing a post grad course you are beyond motivated to succeed that you won't have a problem.

    The best thing to do is to try and incoporate medicine into your crafting. Which sounds incredibly nerdy but if it helps you study and you enjoy it all the better! I once bought a Styrofoam model head and painted all the different skull bones different colours and made matching pins with labels and made a game of it - it surprisingly helped. Also try and stay on top of it. Crafting is something I do to relax and make myself feel better, and having people like it or comment on it makes me feel better about myself because whilst I may not be the best student, not by a long shot, crafting is something I am good at. I think all med students need something other than study because if you don't you'll burn out fast.

    So back to your original question, yes it is hard to balance crafting and hobbies and time with friends and my boyfriend with med school, but that's because I'm horrible at organising. I have friends who are working two jobs and are on all kinds of committees and still manage to be at the top of the class. It's about what you make it I guess. I think ultimately nurturing your hobbies is definitely worth the effort because some days (or in my case most days) you'll need a distraction.

    Sorry to massively spam you with this long ass answer and I'm not too sure it helped, but if you have any other questions feel free to ask.


  5. very cute...and I like the comment on diamond glaze...I never seem to get it right

  6. Hi,

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  7. Hi! Great tute! I will be linking at in future post.