Glue + paper = jewellery? series part 3 - paper covered button earrings

So I'm sure you have all seen the cute fabric covered button earrings, but the thing about fabric is that its very hard to find small detailed patterned material to use. So why not use paper? More paper and glue to the rescue and you can have a pair of earrings like this:

  • self-cover buttons
  • pretty paper 
  • glue - diamond glaze, super glue
  • earring findings 
  • Grab your self cover button and trace a circle the size of your button + 2cm onto your pretty paper
  • Placing you button and paper wrong sides up, start folding the paper into the centre - if you are having problems folding it in evenly try using a little water to dampen the edges. 
  • Push the plastic cap into the back of the self cover button to secure the folded paper.
  • Flip the self cover button over and squeeze a little diamond glaze on to make it nice and shiny.
  • If you have a self cover button which has a plastic shank at the back use a pair of pliers to cut them off. This will leave you with a pit which we will get to later. However, if you have a self cover button with just a piece of wire then just pull it out with a pair of pliers. 
  • Now since my button had a plastic backing and I was left with a pit in the middle, I found a smaller backed earring finding which would fit in the 'pit'
  •  Push the earring finding into the pit
  • Carefully squeeze some super glue into the pit and allow for the super glue to dry. Make sure the earring pin is standing up straight as the glue dries
And you are done!
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