Glue + paper = jewellery? series part 4 - resizing a ring

So there are two really easy ways to resize a ring if it is too large for you, one using tape and the other glue. It goes without saying that you shouldn't use these methods for nice jewellery, just pay a bit more and get them refitted.

So this is almost too easy to make into a tutorial but when I googled it there weren't many good answers besides going to a jeweller and getting it fixed.

So in the first version all you need is sticky tape or a band-aid at your disposal. You can literally do this with your eyes closed! Just wrap the tape/ band-aid around the ring continuously until its the right size -  told you it was wayyyyy to easy!  Basically perfect for last minute emergencies. But given that I have a tendency to fiddle with the tape and it gets irritating and peels its not a very permanent solution. Hence, method 2.

  • Grab your ring and clean any sticky residue left from your band aid/ sticky tape with cleaning alcohol.
  • Grab your glue gun and position in at the bottom of your ring. 
  • Apply a thin layer of glue at the bottom of the ring. If you put too much fear not as it will peel off very easily. Just make sure to wipe your finger quickly over the edges of the ring to remove the stringy excess that comes when you pull your glue gun away. 
  • So your ring should now look like this: 

Over time the glue will get cloudy but not outright dirty - so if you feel the need to touch it up, peel off the glue and reapply as needed.

Hope it helps, though I think I could've just said use a glue gun to resize your ring and all you lovelies would've caught on! =D

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  1. Wow, what a great idea! Never thought of the glue-gun idea :D Thanks for sharing! :)