Glue + paper = jewellery? series part 5 - cork board decoupage frame

Normally I like to overload you with pictures in my tutorials, mostly because I prefer to skim through tutorials pictures first and then words later if I don't understand - I think I've already established how lazy I am but if not here's further proof! However, this tutorial is simple enough to just talk you through it, as the frame I used was made at least 2 years ago and I didn't take any pictures. Though given how much glue I used in this I probably wouldn't have wanted to touch the camera anyways.

  • Wooden photo frame 
  • Cork board sheeting 
  • Pretty paper
  • Glue - craft glue
  • Sponge brush
  • Plastic card (like an old gift card or library card)
  • Remove the glass out of your photo frame and place it onto your cork board sheeting as a template. Trace two of these if you are using very thin cork board sheeting - which is the only kind I seem to be able to find in Melbourne.
  • Cut out the two shapes and place aside for the moment.
  • Get your frame and a ruler to measure the length of the frame and width of the individual frame piece as shown below. 
  • You basically want to end up with 4 regular trapezium shapes (in the light blue). However, you need to remember to add extra length as you want to cover the inside part of the frame and have enough for the paper to fold over the back of the frame. 
  • The thin green lines are the grooves which you need to maintain, so make sure you add 2.5cm to your actual frame measurements for the height of each piece.
  •  Once you have these four shapes cut out, grab some glue and liberally apply to the frame. Add some water if your glue is too thick to make it smoother. 
  • Apply each piece one at a time, so that you can fold the paper over the outer edge of the frame as well as cover the inner edge of the frame. 
  • Grab your plastic card and run it along the thin green lines - where the grooves on your frame should be. This will make your frame look more defined. 
  • Once all the pieces have been applied add a final layer of craft glue to give it a shiny appearance and to make sure everything stays in place. 
  • This is what the back of your frame should look like: 
  • Once the frame is dry, place the cork board sheets inside the frame and use the frame backing (with the stand on it) to hold it in place.
  • Place a few pin in to hang your necklaces from or place your earring hooks directly into the frame and you are done!
Sorry again for the lack of pictures but hope you enjoyed the 'series'

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