Glue + paper = jewellery? series

So over the weekend I managed to complete a few projects - well 5 in fact so there should be posts up every day! yay! w00t for organisation. So far the projects I've posted are sewing based, which is what I mostly do but, this weekend I had a few bits of jewellery to fix so I decided to get on it instead of letting them gather dust for another week. 

So armed with some pretty Japanese papers from my adventures in japan, and some glue I managed to up-cycle some of my jewellery into things I will hopefully wear =D

Over the next week I'll go over how to make the earrings, necklace, jewellery holder/frame in the picture, and how to resize a ring.

Hope you enjoy the tutorials and as always would love to hear your feedback.

Glass Tile Pendant Tutorial

  • Glass tile pendant 
  • Pretty paper x2 the shape of the glass tile
  • Bail 
  • Necklace - the one in the picture is a snake chain
  • GLUE - super glue, diamond glaze and PVA (craft glue) 
  • Using your glass tile as a template place it on your paper and trace around it. Cut out two of these shapes.
  •  Squeeze some diamond glaze onto the back of the glass pendant and spread it out thinly with a paint brush.
    •  Place your paper right side up onto the glass pendant with the diamond glaze and press firmly to smooth out any of the air bubbles. 
    • Let the diamond glaze and paper dry - it shouldn't take long maybe 5 minutes.
    • Flip the tile over and get some craft glue onto the back of the paper, spread it out nice and thin - you don't want you paper to get too soggy!
    • Let this dry thoroughly - basically until the paper becomes less soggy.
    • Cut any excess paper with scissors.  
    •  Squeeze some super glue (the good kind - as the bail is needed to bear the weight of the pendant) onto the bail.
    •  Be careful with the super glue because if it gets stuck to any part of you, you've really got to be quick in pulling glued fingers apart otherwise it hurts! So grab the bail - preferably from the top end and stick it onto the back of your pendant. 
    • Press down firmly. 
    • Here's another reason why you need your backing paper to be nice and dry - if its too soggy and you put the bail on it won't hold much weight. These glass tile pendants are heavy!
    • Thread your necklace through the bail and tah-dah your done!
    Tomorrow I'll teach you how to make two pairs of earrings - including the matching ones in the photo.

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    1. Hello
      I recently came across your blog and I love all your crafty endeavours. Could I ask where you got the glass pendant, bail and chain from? I'm in Melbourne too.

    2. Hi Clare,

      Thanks for your comments! I had a look at your blog and am completely enamored with DAISO in japan as well - if you are interested you should have a look at their craft supplies they have all kinds of cool things for 100yen - AMAZING, and should visit nippori fabric town everything is so pretty. Oh yes, DAISO opened in melbourne recently in Abbotsord but everything is $2.80 which may be a bit steep considering the exchange rate but totally worth it regardless.

      So back to your original question about glass supplies I bought the glass tile and bail from beadsonline ( but at a craft show.

      The snake chains were from the same craft fair from a place with no business card but if you go to ( the etsy seller is selling 12 necklaces wholesale including snake chains and ball chains for $6 but the shipping is a bit expensive but I think it's still cheaper than other offers.

      Hope it helps,

    3. Thanks, Mel.
      I'll definitely check out those links. Yes, I know about the DAISO at Abbotsford and I was initially very excited, but it's a bit of a hike for me and, as you say, the $2.80 price tag is a bit steep. I think I shopped myself out during my last trip to Japan in November.