Patchwork-y Bifold Wallets made by YOU

So I haven't posted a tutorial this week because I didn't get a chance to make anything over the weekend and I have an assignment due, so I thought I'd post up some patchwork-y bifold wallets made by YOU! Also since I have no idea how to use flicker, mostly because I use picasa I thought I'd just post the versions here. If you want to contribute a version I'd love to see your completed projects, tips for a better tutorial or variations and to post all of them up. So the complete projects so far: 

I love this version which uses the wallet to store all the crafty bits and bobs I tend to always misplace! The colour combination is gorgeous and the use of just a single contrasting strip on the front instead of patchwork is very modern. Love it!

This version is very cute. I'm not too sure cute is the word but its adorable? Lols I can't imagine me telling batman or the watchmen their adorable, but the button + string closure is a 
very good idea

This version also has a fold over snap closure with a pretty matching button and all pockets instead of card slots - good for holding phones or ipods. Very handy wallet pouch for organising all the stuff you lose at the bottom of your handbag. 

***new update 

So I recently discovered this pretty floral revision of my wallet tutorial due to the referring links I was getting from this blog! Amber has done an amazing job with the floral decorations and it looks so retro chic. She has also highlighted an amazing point that my patchwork-bifold wallet tutorial which shows you how to make credit card slots and insert a zip pocket is all you basically need to create your own wallet - so go an mix it up like Amber, and make your own wallet from a very simple structure.

Thanks again for the lovely versions and for using my pattern - it's very self gratifying to know people like my tutorials enough to use them!

Happy Crafting!
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