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Sorry for being underground for so long and not posting - despite by recent 'lets post every Tuesday' rule/ almost promise you probably all knew I was going to break =(

Study has been hectic recently and I've just discovered how behind I am, and I also had a bit of craft burnout. Which unfortunately/ fortunately means I went an bought $180AUD worth of fabric - 40% of which was shipping because I live so far from cheap material! So I will take photos and do a blog post on where to get cheap, good quality fabric, especially since I always have fabric-envy when I read other peoples' blogs!

So when I said I had craft burnout I didn't mean complete burn out - just means I couldn't be bothered dragging my sewing machine onto my desk and couldn't think of what to make, so instead I spent lots of time in front of my laptop. Guess what awesome craft I just discovered which doesn't require you to leave the couch? Digital scrapbooking! So I love beautiful papers almost as much as I love beautiful fabrics but I'm not quite creative enough to scrapbook in paper because I'm scared I'll ruin the paper by cutting into it but problem solved by digital scrapbooking.

There are so many amazing digital scrapbooking designers out there and it astounds me! I can copy and paste in photoshop but beyond that I'm lost. So I've got a list of some amazing scrapbooking websites which compile daily freebies and pretty pretty preeee-diful pages for inspiration in case you get stuck (like me!).

Found at Hand Picked Freebies

Found at Digital Inspired

Found at Freebies Storage

Now you have all you pretty freebies you don't want to keep them on your computer now do you? So I also found a website to print photo books for cheap. The reviews seem quite good but since I haven't received mine yet I can't vouch for them but I will tell you guys about it when I received it. So hop over to Arts cow and sign up for an account and you can get a bunch of freebies when you sign up! There's free photo prints and a free photo book 8 inch x 8 inch - which is perfect for you photobook, + $7.99 shipping. You can use their software to create a book but if you want to mix it up some more go to the scrapbooking websites above.

Here's a look at some that I prepared earlier: 

I'm quite happy with how these turned out and hopefully I managed to scale the images right so nothing is blurry since it's for Pruet's birthday. The top 4 images were made using freebies from the digital scrapbook websites above, and the bottom photo was made using the preset layouts in the arts cow design program - there are lots of really cool ones with up to 12 photos and different shapes for the photos - including a heart shape.

Will try and post something about buying fabric if I don't get around to making anything soon. 

Happy Crafting!

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