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So its been forever since I blogged, mostly since I haven't had much inspiration to make anything despite my 20 yards of new fabric sitting around my house! My new obsession is pretty hardware - I'm having bag-hardware-envy as opposed to fabric envy now. Have you guys ever researched the different types of bag hardware there are? I got Lisa Lam's amazing book - The Bag Making Bible a while back and had serious bag hardware envy (its a real thing, I can attest to it),  and I think what my new obsession is really about is that bag hardware make handmade bags look that much more professional - and schmancy. So when the new hardware I've order comes I'll defs be making two bags - one is a small bag for going out which will have 3 interchangeable bag straps/chain to dress it up or down and the other will be a simple minimalist bag outside and the ultimate work/uni bag inside with a gazillion pockets and zip to organise all your stuff. Anyways back to the topic at hand, now that I've convinced you I won't abandon my blog. 

I finally got my book from artscow. So in my last post I did a speel on digital scrapbooking and how awesome it was for people like me who didn't want to ruin pretty paper by our indecisiveness and poor cutting skills. Yes that's right people I can't handle scissors very well, its a true fact. In my prep (the grade before first grade in Australia) school report I got satisfactory in all my skills such as recognising the alphabet but I got needs work for my scissors skills. Apparently that's carried through to today, I'm also very bad at gluing I always get glunk outside the lines and stuck together fingers - maybe that's why I like sewing you can always rip out a stitch and start again. Anyways I digress, digital scrapbooking is awesome for indecisive people with poor cutting and gluing skills, so if you'd like me I think I've found you a craft. 

So I mentioned last time that if you sign up for artscow you get a bunch of freebies and my 8 x 8 photobook was free, but the shipping cost $7 to Australia. The actual shipping part did not take long at all given the long Easter break, but the processing/printing stage took well over the 1- 2 days quoted in the FAQ section. I emailed them and then within 2 days it was shipped. The book itself was wrapped in foam and well protected and amazing, here's a look: 

The real book

The uploaded version

The real page

The uploaded version

I am very happy with the quality of the book, and none of the photos turned out blurry or with odd colours (which some people had mentioned in the artscow forum), overall would recommend for photobook printing. However, given the price I would advise to start early and allow plenty of time for 'processing' and shipping, especially if it's for a present like mine is....oops 

As always happy crafting, and I promise to be back soon with a tutorial of some kind.

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