Shoes completed

I finally made my way to my local craft shop - which isn't all that local as I'm sans car, and bought me some vinyl. Yay! Oops - that sounds like I lost my car to impound in some sort of drunken hoon speed drift race but it's just because I haven't got around to sitting my practical driving test. Yep, that's right I'm 21 (almost) and still haven't got my driver's license and I'll be on my probationary license until I'm 25! arggg. Laziness does not pay kids. Anyways back to the vinyl, I completed the shoes bags and now I can see all my shoes on display all the time and I'm always pulling different ones out to try on. I see this ending badly, as I'll probably just stop putting them in their bags, but for now it's all shiny and pretty and new.

I couldn't help myself, so just to remind you this is the before:
Shoes in my room

Shoes scattered around the rest of my house
And drum roll please.dum...dum...dum (or whatever a phonetic drumroll sounds like), is the after: 

So this isn't an infomercial or anything, so in full disclosure the front door still has shoes scattered around, but now that there is less of them and I've managed to stack them up onto the rack that is you know, supposed to keep the entrance clutter free duh, and people, read houseguests have stopped tripping over them as soon as they walk through the door. OHS in the home and at work ;p. 

Happy crafting

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