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So I'm not too sure if you have noticed but I have a new widget in my side bar - my ETSY shop - 'All wrapped up craft supplies' - I'm starting small and selling some bag making essentials and pretty hardware. I mentioned before that I think bag hardware makes homemade bags even more professional - and who doesn't love a compliment? Have a look at my shop, and stay tuned I will be adding more items and even more tutorials on how to use the items in my shop for you all. So stage 2 of my shop should be starting soon - I was thinking of adding some actual hand crafted items to my etsy shop but don't know if that's too weird to have supplies and products in the same shop? What do you think? 

The first project I'm working on which failed twice but is almost complete, is a grab and go scalloped edge credit card and key wallet - whew what a mouth full - I think the wallet is smaller than its name. I will post a tutorial soon and hopefully post a giveaway for my followers - thanks for sticking in there for my sporadic tutorials and posts. The giveaways a bit of a bribe as my posts may get more sporadic as my second semester of university starts up again. But stay tuned for my new wallet and I also have a dress form, and dress refashion to post about - so will be seeing you soon.  

Happy crafting 

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