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So I promise I haven't been slacking off and not posting/studying/crafting...well maybe a little..or a lot, but it's all for a good reason. I have a new obsession, you remember my brief but thorough love affair with digital scrapbooking? - fun whilst it lasted but I've decided it's entirely to much work unless its for presents. Point in case half of my photos have still not made their way into photo albums, my photos from my trip to Japan haven't even been organised....probably due to my new obsession. Don't sweat it, it's nothing kinky but entirely life consuming and addictive. I'm planning my 21st birthday!!!!! I've spent the last 3 months trying to find venues and the like, food, drinks, deco etc etc - it's like planning a wedding but I get to make all the cool decisions like colour schemes. But no joke it is like planning a wedding, diy budget brides have some kick ass ideas - one even has a schematic for lighting paper lanterns - for reals (I have also stolen this idea). 

In case you haven't already figure out that I have an addictive personality, I'd like to introduce you to my second obsession: pinterest. Seriously! So I found pinterest during my occasional (read regular, obsessively so) ego inflating jaunt over to my traffic stats page in my blogger dashboard, to see where everyone was coming from, lo and behold a few click later I was addicted. Proof: I posted desperately on the pinterest facebook page for an invite and a lovely lovely soul took pity on me and invited me so I could start pin, pin, pinning. So to you know, keep good karma rolling - if you are a pinterest desperado who would like an invite leave me a comment with your email and I shall send one along, I think there is only 5 or so though. 

I digress my birthday w00t w00t w00t. I have decided tentatively on a woodland/ forest theme. But given that at my almost completely mature age of 21 (in Australia you are allowed to drink and drive - not both at the same time, when you turn 18, thus 21 is regarded as a mature-ish stage) I think I'm almost too old to have a theme. sad face. I wanted to hire waitress to dress up in fairy costumes - the woodland, earthy kind not the fairy floss mid-day tv show kind, but money is tight obviously. So what else to do on a tight budget but DIY? So if you're as excitable as me head on over to my pinterest boards on deco/lighting/food/centrepiece inspirations - you can access pinterest without an account. 

So the basics for those of you who are interested is that I am going to hire spit roast caterers for ~85 people, around $13.90 a head (including 4 meats, 7 salads, 4 desserts), a dessert buffet - which I'm hoping to make myself including food and cake stands, I've hired a boring scout hall type deal but plan to have all the glaring lights off so people won't be able to tell anyways and I plan on DIY a lot of things so will be posting my version vs my diy inspiration.

First post at next opportunity will be on these gorgeous balloon luminaries:  

Happy crafting.
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