Notes on making a photowall photobooth

I finally got a hold of some of the photos from my birthday and this is project is my baby. It's probably cheating to call it my tutorial, since I showed the inspiration pictures to my dad and he figured out how to make it and transport it to the hall. 

I'm not too sure how many of you have managed to check out my pinterest board on 21st Party Decorations - it's addictive (pinterest that is), so if you managed to resist the temptation thus far, I've posted a summary for you below: 

Photobooth photowall
Ideas for holding a photobooth wall upright
One frame photowall photobooth tutorial
Setting up a photobooth wall
Multiple photoframe photobooth

Multiple photoframe photobooth

Ok so turns out I can't find the photos I had for the tutorial so, this is not a picture filled tutorial anymore but I can tell you what we used. Basically we grabbed a 1200 x 800mm mdf board 3mm thick, which was enough to make the top 1/2 of a photowall. We only made the top 1/2 of the photowall as a full one wouldn't fit into the car to transport to the hall and more importantly would not fit in the car home from the hardware shop. The top 1/2 of the photowall was propped up on a expandable garden trellis. The trellis had a metal pole at each side attached by those plastic garden tie things, which you need scissors to cut off - the best way to describe it, is the garden ties they used to kidnap people with (tv told me this not personal experience). The back of mdf photowall then had four plastic clips glued on which the metal pole slid through to hold the whole thing up. Given my lackluster descriptive skills, you can understand why I prefer tutorials with lots of pictures in them!

Garden Trellis
Either way the photobooth photowall turned out pretty amazing. Teamed up with a bunch of cardboard mo's I now have some pretty ridiculous photos of my friends: 

Happy crafting!

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