Sandi ID Wallet Template

I know I said that I would be gone a while studying and such. Mostly 'and such' - cooking lots, eating more and studying less - the usual. And to put me to shame whilst I was off procrastinating ELI has managed to draw up a template for the Sandi ID Wallet - which to be honest I'm probably going to use since I've misplaced my original one somewhere - probably as a bookmark within a heavy textbook I'm never going to open again and hence never find. So to keep it short and sweet as I have to cram some facts about renal/kidney failure in my brain before my patient interview test tomorrow in front of a senior doctor no less, I leave you with the template by Eli. 

To download the template all you need to do is click on the picture to view it in its original size, download and print.If you have any problems downloading the template or if you have completed any of my tutorials recently leave me a comment with the link or a email and I'll be happy to feature them in a post soon. 

Don't forget you still have tomorrow to use the discount code to purchase a Sandi ID Wallet kit for $4 instead of the usual $4.50: 

The kit includes a 1.5inch self cover button, badge reel, metal snap prong button and hook, with the use of the special discount code: Sandi4 in my etsy shop. The discount only applies to the Sandi ID Wallet supply kit so if you intend on purchasing other items or would like more then just one set please pm or convo me first. Also don't forget to specify the colour of the badge reel and button you would like.

Happy Crafting!
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Sandi ID Wallet Giveaway Winner + Supply Kit discount

Thank you all for your entries into the Sandi ID Wallet Giveaway! I have loved reading all your funny and awkward moments as they make me feel less noob-y about forgetting car keys, parking ID swipe cards and my stethoscope! Awkward. 

There was a total of 31 entries after adding in extra for facebook entries and previous all wrapped up followers. I put all your entries into a random number generator and the winner is....

The winner of a brand new Sandi ID wallet and matching badge reel is Lyudmila.  

If you would like to find out more about the etsy discount keep reading after the jump. 
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Sandi ID Wallet Giveaway

As mentioned before I have exams coming up so I will not be able to post another tutorial for a while, so hopefully the new record of 3 posts over 2 days will be able to tide you all over until my exams are finished. Even if my procrastination skills managed to win out over my study - which they likely will, I have also loss possession of my camera as my family borrowed it to go overseas - so unless I use my phone or steal someone else camera I probably won't be able to post much for the next few weeks regardless of the impending doom that is exams. So to absolve me of my guilt I've decided to do hold a giveaway! 
It's probably past time that I held a giveaway with over 61,000 page views and 76 followers I feel as though I should reward your dedication, and compliments by your coming over to check out my blog. 

I've just set up a new facebook page which will likely  have a few more updates than this blog as they can be shorter, but that also means you can get double entries into this competition if it takes your fancy. 

First things thing first - in case you haven't guessed from the title the giveaway item will be the Sandi ID wallet featured below - made with Michael Miller's Parisville fabric and a matching badge reel

If you've already seen my post about how the Sandi ID wallet came about you will realise that I, a) lose things frequently and b) am often caught at awkward moments without cash or other essentials because I don't have pockets in my clothing.
How to enter: 
The question you need to answer via commenting on this post or facebook is:

What essentially item have you not had on you at a crucial time and what happened?

The more  awkward the better! But not a requirement. 
  • Doing one of the below will equal one entry into the giveaway - if you want to double your chances then you may enter the giveaway using both methods 
    • However, 2 is the maximum number of entries per person in this giveaway (3 if you were already a follower when this giveaway was posted)
  • Please remember to put your contact email in your entry so I will be able to contact you
What to do
  • Become a follower of this blog (yay! if you already are as of this post I will give you another entry if you choose to participate) and post your answer to the question at the end of this post by commenting
  • Become a fan on facebook and answer the question by posting under the link I will put on the wall
The giveaway winner will be chosen via random number generator, if you are posting in both places you can use the one awkward moment - don't want to embarrass you too much!

The cutoff for entry into the giveaway is Thursday 13th October 2011 Australian Time! I will announce the winner the next day on the Friday.

Happy Crafting!

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Self Cover Button Badge Reel Tutorial

As promised this is the tutorial to make a matching badge reel for the Sandi ID wallet.

Some of you will already be familiar with using self cover buttons and they are pretty straight foward to make using the provided tool. However not all self cover buttons will come with the tool, or if like me you have a tendency to loose such things then the second method I will show you for self cover buttons will come in handy.

What you will need
  • self cover button - size 60, 1.5" (38mm) diameter  
  • Fabric of your choice - enough for a 2.5" (65mm) diameter circle 

What you will need to 
  • Select the image from your fabric you would like to feature on your badge reel. I was eyeballing the princess to the left of my button. 

  • I couldn't find my plastic template of different sized circles I own, or a suitable jar size to trace around, so I guesstimated the fabric needed. Hence, the uneven circle. 
  • You will actually need a circle around 2.5" (65mm) diameter). 
Remember to centre this circle around the fabric image you wanted to be on the badge reel.
  • Once your fabric is cut it should look like this. Except your button should be concave (round) side down  

Method 1: Covering a self cover button - using the provided tool 
  • Place the fabric good side down into the white tool, you need to push it in to get a good seal around the fabric (the shell of the button should be facing upwards). 

  • Place the button backing over the shell of the button, making sure to capture and seal all the excess fabric underneath it. 
  • If you are unsure which side of the button is up (if you have a flat back button as shown) just flip both sides in and see which fits better. 

  • Grab the blue part of the tool and place it over the flat button back, push firmly around the rim of the blue tool.  

  • Have a peek under the blue tool and if everything is sitting nice and equal pop the button out of the white part of the tool. If not keep pressing - probably just use your fingers - it's easier. 

Method 2: Covering a self cover button - using the provided tool 

What you will need
  • fabric 
  • needle & thread 
  • self cover button 

What you will need to do
  • Grab your fabric and cut a circle 2.5" (65mm) diameter for a 1.5" (38mm) 

  • Using your needle and thread do a running stitch all around the fabric circle 

  • Pop the top part of the button inside the fabric and pull the thread. 

  • Grab the flat back component of your button and pop it over the the pulled fabric. Push the flat back firmly into the top part of the button. 

  • Tah-dah - covered buttons method 2 successfully complete 

  • Grab the badge reel and your super glue. 

  • The centre of the badge reel is a bit lower than the rim so the back of the button won't really come in contact with it, so don't waste any glue there. 
  • Run a thin layer of glue around the outer circle of the badge reel. 
  • Pop you button on top of it and press firmly to secure it to the badge reel. 
  • Let the glue dry for the recommended amount of time outlined by the glue package's instructions. 

  • Now you have a matching badge reel for you Sandi ID wallet or you can have a matching wallet for your badge reel if you go and make one now.  

  • Just a note on attaching the Sandi ID wallet, or anything to the badge reel - you need to hook the wallet onto the little metal triangle that connects your badge reel to the clear plastic tag to secure it. I personally like to keep the clear plastic hang tag just in case I have any other bits and bobs to attach but feel free to snip it off.


The supplies to make the Sandi ID wallet along with a matching badge reel can be found in a special kit I have put together in my etsy shop All Wrapped Up Craft Supplies. 

Happy Crafting! 

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How to attach a metal snap prong button with normal pliers

Before we start just a note on the tools you can use to attach the metal snap prong buttons. Not everyone will have the special eyelet/prong pliers that I prefer to use so I will walk you through the simple method using plain old pliers. If you prefer to use the special tool that comes with most button kits then please follow the instructions on the back of the package it came with, as I am HORRIBLE with this and cannot help you. I can never align the parts properly and have wasted many a stud button and bruised many fingers in the process. 
Special snap prong button tool
Other side of special prongs
What you will need
  • Snap prong button - 4 parts - coloured metal cap (top prong), stud, socket and bottom prong. 
  • One of the following tools 
    • Special eyelet/prong pliers
    • Button tool (metal thing) and hammer 
    • Normal pliers + a spare piece of fabric
Special snap prongs for buttons on the left, and the metal button (thing) that comes with prong button packages (i.e. finger bruisers)

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The Sandi ID Wallet Tutorial - a snap pouch with a secret ID pocket

The rather temperamental Melbourne sun finally made an appearance earlier this week and I was able to take some better weather photos as promised - in the garden. I love spring – all the previously naked branches and budless  vegetable and herb plants have started flowering – with parsley for tabouleh and tomatoes for salsa, I can’t wait for spring to get into full gear. However, even as I look out the window as I type up this tutorial I can see the storm cloud rolling in. Looks like they are about to rain on what was a very good outdoor, makeshift photography studio I had going. I did have the hindsight to photograph at least two projects yesterday. 

The first project is the Sandi ID wallet, and the second was a matching badge reel which I will post over the weekend. Hopefully, if study permits I will be able to post a lanyard tutorial in case you’re not a badge reel type person.

The name of this project is dedicated to one of my friends, whose birthday it was and to whom I owe a present. I hope she likes her very own ID wallet and pouch named for her with a matching badge reel. 


Also just a note on the measurements I only had graph paper in inches for some strange reason, even though I live in a country which uses the metric system, so please bare with me if I accidentally switch between the two at any point.  

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