Sandi ID Wallet Giveaway

As mentioned before I have exams coming up so I will not be able to post another tutorial for a while, so hopefully the new record of 3 posts over 2 days will be able to tide you all over until my exams are finished. Even if my procrastination skills managed to win out over my study - which they likely will, I have also loss possession of my camera as my family borrowed it to go overseas - so unless I use my phone or steal someone else camera I probably won't be able to post much for the next few weeks regardless of the impending doom that is exams. So to absolve me of my guilt I've decided to do hold a giveaway! 
It's probably past time that I held a giveaway with over 61,000 page views and 76 followers I feel as though I should reward your dedication, and compliments by your coming over to check out my blog. 

I've just set up a new facebook page which will likely  have a few more updates than this blog as they can be shorter, but that also means you can get double entries into this competition if it takes your fancy. 

First things thing first - in case you haven't guessed from the title the giveaway item will be the Sandi ID wallet featured below - made with Michael Miller's Parisville fabric and a matching badge reel

If you've already seen my post about how the Sandi ID wallet came about you will realise that I, a) lose things frequently and b) am often caught at awkward moments without cash or other essentials because I don't have pockets in my clothing.
How to enter: 
The question you need to answer via commenting on this post or facebook is:

What essentially item have you not had on you at a crucial time and what happened?

The more  awkward the better! But not a requirement. 
  • Doing one of the below will equal one entry into the giveaway - if you want to double your chances then you may enter the giveaway using both methods 
    • However, 2 is the maximum number of entries per person in this giveaway (3 if you were already a follower when this giveaway was posted)
  • Please remember to put your contact email in your entry so I will be able to contact you
What to do
  • Become a follower of this blog (yay! if you already are as of this post I will give you another entry if you choose to participate) and post your answer to the question at the end of this post by commenting
  • Become a fan on facebook and answer the question by posting under the link I will put on the wall
The giveaway winner will be chosen via random number generator, if you are posting in both places you can use the one awkward moment - don't want to embarrass you too much!

The cutoff for entry into the giveaway is Thursday 13th October 2011 Australian Time! I will announce the winner the next day on the Friday.

Happy Crafting!

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The indecisive crafter


  1. Hey girl! This ID wallet is SO cute!!
    1. I'm already a follower!
    2. Last fall I went on vacation with the hubs and forgot my drivers license! OH NO! That ment no frozen concotions on the beach for me :( I had fun anyways though!

    Thanks for the cute giveaway!

    xo Julia @

  2. Good luck with your exams! I locked the door to walk the kids to the bus stop, without taking the house keys. I had to get one of the neighbours to take the flyscreen off the window and hoist the 4yr old through, to go and find the keys and get on a chair and throw them back out to me...
    Cute wallet, thanks for the chance :)

  3. Hi! I'm a follower on your blog with gfc - Kimberly W,
    Ok, so my horrible moment was buying groceries and waiting on line forever and THAN realizing I left my wallet at home, the cashier made a big stink about all the frozen food shed have to put back, Ect, it was miserable.
    Halochanel at gmail dot com

  4. I am a blog follower!
    My awkward moment was just the a few weeks ago. I had been at a friends place an hour from home, left for home quite late, got a flat tire about 25 min from home, thought to myself, I am a big girl, I can change the tire no out of the car, totally dark, no one around, open the trunk...NO TIRE!!!!!! Yah, could have REALLY used that freakin tire to get home...not a fun night!

  5. Once I managed to not only forget my cell phone but my watch as well ... try to check the time under these conditions! I survived though and all that happened is that I walked faster to be on time ;-) !

    New follower on GFC

    danaan at gmx dot at

  6. i wore lightcolored pants with underwear that said "Hot, Hot, Hot" unbeknownst to me as i had got dressed in the dark. while descending the train steps in boston, i heard snickers and a kind woman, leaned into me and told me. i had no coat to cover it and had to walk the rest of the way to work.

  7. Last year while I was getting the car looked at, I was stranded with two kids without a stroller in the rain. The car would take a few hours and I decided to try to walk home. I carried my 2 year old and newborn all the way home. At one point a man gave me his sweater because we had also forgotten jackets and my baby looks cold to him.

  8. 1. I'm following you as meki! :)
    2. I met up with someone who was buying something from me. We already a time set and just when I was about to get inside the coffee shop, I realized that I left what he was buying at home. Talk about awkward.


  9. I went to work with my mobile phone but it was on its last bar of battery and I was trying to get home but my train was cancelled so in the rain I couldn't call anyone because my mobile had died! >< I had to ask a random stranger if I could use their mobile lol

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. I am a follower))
    I am constantly leaving my keys at home, and all the time have to wait till my flatmate come and open a door for me))) sometimes it's not very pleasant, but most of the times i visit my neighbors, who are nice and kind people))


  11. I'm a new GFC follower!
    I wasn't used to carrying around keys as a teenager since I didn't have a car and our house was never locked so when I went away to college I would constantly forget my keys. Once I was locked out of the apartment and my roommate came to let me in and he either used the wrong key or twisted it too hard and the key broke off in the door!

  12. my cell phone. One time the handle of my door fell off, and I had to be at a meeting in 20 mins. I had to call my boss from a payphone at a hotel across the street.

    My email is on my blog:
    Born To Be Styled

  13. 1. following you via gfc
    2. left my debit card at home and had to have a client pay for lunch
    brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com

  14. money and my grocery savings card .
    fb fan / ana amanti
    tumblemumbo at
    intl. thank you ! and cute set

  15. When our first daughter was born and we took her to her first doctor's appointment, I had no idea I should bring the diaper bag (what was I thinking?) --I figured it would be a short trip and why bother lugging that huge thing? Well, when we got there the doctor had me undress our baby and she proceeded to blow out the diaper she was wearing...Of course no diaper bag means no diaper so I embarrassingly looked at my husband and we knew we were in trouble. I sheepishly asked if they kept extra diapers at the office and the pediatrician looked at us like we were nuts! She returned a while later with one but I felt like an absolute idiot! Never made that mistake again!

  16. OMG where do i start? I have lost everything at one point or another. I've lost or forgotten everything you can possibly imagine. From 20 yrs ago when my oldest son was a baby, i'd forget bottles, diapers, clothing. I've forgotten money, credit card, wallet, purse, & even ck books when i've been out shopping. Imagine forgetting the thing you WENT there for? yep, done that too~I have a laptop i bought recently from a friend. It's got weird issues, called her a few days ago then go to take it to her so she can fix it....yep, you guessed it~left the laptop at home on the sofa next to the door! A lady i was dealing with during a business adventure told me she was surprised that i was able to keep up w/my kids, being that i seem to lose or misplace everything! LOL....i'm a sad OLD creature! LOL

  17. i realized didnt have my passport the day before a spring break trip to aruba!! (it was back in my hometown at my parent's house)

    email: dizzlizz58 at gmail dot come

  18. I am a new follower - Cynthia Richardzon

    We had a fire drill at work and had to evacuate the courthouse. I was in court and they wouldn't let me return to my desk for my purse. We received the all-clear and the employees returned to the building quickly by showing their badges Mine was in my purse, so I had to wait in line with the public to go through the metal detectors. A half-hour later, I finally got back in.

  19. I Like you on Facebook - Cynthia M Richardson

  20. GFC follower = Lyudmila

    Once I was on a business trip with two other collaborators. Returning to the station, I walked out of the train, where necessary, and my colleagues have left. At the time I phone does not yet have. But then my colleague came to the station to take me and make sure everything is in order. Well, I'm not lost in the subway to another city.
    lusizova at

  21. Like on fb=Lyudmila Sizova
    Shared about giveaway on fb
    lusizova at

  22. Thank you all for your entries the giveaway is now closed. I have loved reading your funny and awkward moments! I will be drawing the winner tomorrow.

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