Sandi ID Wallet Template

I know I said that I would be gone a while studying and such. Mostly 'and such' - cooking lots, eating more and studying less - the usual. And to put me to shame whilst I was off procrastinating ELI has managed to draw up a template for the Sandi ID Wallet - which to be honest I'm probably going to use since I've misplaced my original one somewhere - probably as a bookmark within a heavy textbook I'm never going to open again and hence never find. So to keep it short and sweet as I have to cram some facts about renal/kidney failure in my brain before my patient interview test tomorrow in front of a senior doctor no less, I leave you with the template by Eli. 

To download the template all you need to do is click on the picture to view it in its original size, download and print.If you have any problems downloading the template or if you have completed any of my tutorials recently leave me a comment with the link or a email and I'll be happy to feature them in a post soon. 

Don't forget you still have tomorrow to use the discount code to purchase a Sandi ID Wallet kit for $4 instead of the usual $4.50: 

The kit includes a 1.5inch self cover button, badge reel, metal snap prong button and hook, with the use of the special discount code: Sandi4 in my etsy shop. The discount only applies to the Sandi ID Wallet supply kit so if you intend on purchasing other items or would like more then just one set please pm or convo me first. Also don't forget to specify the colour of the badge reel and button you would like.

Happy Crafting!
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