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The best thing about being able to sew is that you can make your own gifts for people, instead of having to trawl the internet for ideas only to figure in the time it takes for shipping and realise you will have missed your friend's birthday by about a month. The upside is that it is usually more cost effective, you have an excuse to dig into your fabric stash or buy newer fabrics and it's completely customisable. The down side is unless you make clothes or gadget holders, it is almost impossible to come up with a gift for your male friends. Using Etsy's facebook friend gift search function, I tried to look for appropriate gifts but it's so hard. Just because the recipient is male does not mean he is into suspenders Etsy facebook gift finder search!

Last year I made a photobook from artscow as an anniversary present for Pruet, and even that was a month late. Lucky his birthday is the month after our anniversary and I just rolled it into one present (dodgy I know). This year I decided I would be a bit more on the ball and find a DIY-able present for him. So what you ask is the most versatile gift for nerdy medical students, male friends and relatives alike? AND all your girlfriends too? The Reading Pillow!

I changed the straps so that there were two parallel ones instead of two coming from the centre, making a triangle type shape, as medical books are a fair bit larger than most, even larger than harry potter. 

Two parallel straps fits small books
Two parallel straps to fit bigger books of the med book variety
Folded bias tape type straps sewn into seam, between fabric and piping to hold straps
So there are actually quite a few free tutorials available out there and one very very good paid one, which was my main source of inspiration. The two types of reading pillows out there focus on ones that hold your book as well as keeping your page in place, making it hands free; and the other is a pillow you can prop against a wall or bed head and lounge against as you read.

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Here are the links to the tutorials - the first one is a paid one and the rest are free:

I have added the free tutorials to the link love to amazing free craft tutorials page on the right.
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