Link Love Update + Craft Market Prep

I've been pretty good with posting at least once a week up until now, well you know 3 weeks in a row is pretty good for me. I do have a good reason though. After much um-ing and ar-ing, I booked a craft market for April 21st at The Handmade Show (St. Anthony's Parish Hall,164 Neerim Rd (Cnr Grange & Neerim Roads) Glen Huntly 3163). If you are free pop down to see me and if you mention my blog I'll give you a 10% discount.

I've been very very busy during Easter trying to fit in crafts and the fact that it was Pruet's birthday weekend. Last week I started my rotation on psychiatry and it's mostly been orientation so far, so I will hopefully have time to get everything on my to do list done. But very unlikely. So unlikely in fact I keep adding stuff to it just so I can cross it off. I have a supply of Sandi ID wallets and key wallets and some eye masks, but have to do most of the other things from scratch. And I have a gazillion ideas I would love to try out but at this point probably don't have much time.I finished one oilcloth lined lunch bag and they are super cute - but take so longgggg. I've run out of this fabric and it's and old photo but still very adorable.

So unfortunately no new tutorials from me for you today, but I have a bunch of links added to the link loves page. I've been wanting to make my own laptop cover for ages but haven't got around to it (yet!) and have been worried about how to pad it out so it's properly protected. If you live in Australia - Clark Rubber sells 3mm and 5mm thick foam you can buy from 50cm upwards which feels very protective, but I'm not too sure how I'm going to slip the sheets in between the external fabric and the lining. The other thing is batting is expensive. I have a neoprene cover at the moment - you know that beer holder/ diver's suit type fabric? You can also buy that commercially; but I haven't found a retailer who sells a small amount to try out. I'll just have to take apart my current case and use it for a trial. The other thing that works quite well I would think is fleece; you could use it as a lining and padding or you could just use it instead of batting. Batting is not as common in Australia and is $20+ where as thicker fleece - the one I bought was 'artic' fleece was $8.99/m. 

Laptop/Ipad/Tablet Sleeve/Protector Tutorials


Don't forget to visit me at The Handmade Show if you are in Melbourne. 
Happy Crafting! 
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  1. Hi Mel

    How did you go at the craft market? Your creations are wonderful.

    Sally Anne

    1. Hi Sally Anne,

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. I had a pretty good time at the market, I will try and do a market update in my next post. I'm having a bit of a hectic week trying to find a patient for a 5000 word essay I have due!

      It's always fun to go to market if only to have a chat to the other stall holders who both understand what it is like to run a small business and get all the inside information on which markets are the best to work at!

      If your from Melbourne you should definitely drop by some of the weekend craft markets.

      Happy Crafting,

  2. Hi Mel

    Okay great - I look forward to seeing your update. Your essay will need to come first though! :)