Triangle Boxed Corner Tutorial

Where have all my holidays gone? I've still got a craft and study list a mile long to complete. Since my last post I have managed to design and sew TWO completely new bag designs, drive 1500km from Melbourne to Canberra return and go skiing for the very first time. 

I've never been to Australia's Capital before, so after some cajoling from Pruet's sister we decided to drive and pick her up from uni and bring her back to civilisation. It gets cold up in Canberra, it was -2 degree celcius in the morning and the plants literally froze over, really pretty like. 

So Pruet's sister came down for a few days and then flew up to Sydney to meet up with her friends before going backpacking around Morocco and Spain! Very, very jealous. It was also her birthday whilst she was down, and because I always like to run things a bit last minute, I thought I'd ask her what she needed for her trip, and she asked for a bag. Now giving me free reign seems like the nice thing to do, but I felt so under the pump to make something she'd like with no idea where to go. She just wanted a zipped bag for security and pockets for her passport, phone and some cash. 

I spent the better part of two days sketching out various ideas to no avail.

In the end I grabbed my fabric and just winged it...

Pruet's sis was thrilled..or you know being nice. It probably could've done with a front pocket but oh wells...I did manage to add the heart shaped twist lock for added 'security' it ain't no padlock, but you would definitely notice if someone came behind you to open it and than the zip. The owl passport cover fits in it's own zip pocket inside. 

I also tried a new technique for an inset zipper.

I don't have the whole tutorial because I was winging it and it's not the kind of bag I'd usually make. But if you're interested in this type of travel bag drop me a comment and I'll give it another go. 

But I do have a tutorial for this Triangle boxed corner I used. 

Okay, so I started to write this tutorial realising I had all of two photos, so rather than confuse with lots of rambly words I took some quick photos. 

For this bag I used one continuous large rectangle of fabric to make the bag. 
  • Fold the fabric in half wrong sides facing each other (right side out) and iron
  • I wanted a 3 inch 'boxed' corner so I need to fold each side 1.5 inches (half the required amount on each side) 
  • Fold the cut edge of the fabric 1.5 inch from the folded edge, so the right sides face each other.
  • Iron the new fold flat.
  •  Flip the fabric over, with the folds in place.
  •  Fold the other cut side of the fabric up 1.5 inches from that centre fold.
  •  Once folded you the cut sides should be equal and line up nicely.
  •  If you have a look from the side you should have a 'W' fabric fold, with the wrong sides facing out and the right sides facing each other in the centre of the W.
  •  Now with the folds in place, and equal, press everything for good measure and then stitch up the the two sides of the bag as usual. 
Happy Crafting! 

Ps. If you want a proper travel shoulder bag tutorial just comment below. 

PPS. If you have time and have not already done so please click the link to sign the petition to support an increase in medical internship places in Australia to actually help ease the doctor shortage.
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  1. Just to make things clear for me, on the violet pictures you show, the W (and open side) represent the bottom of the bag?

    1. oups after re reading I think it is the side of the bag, sorry I got it.

    2. Hi texmex,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'm glad my words made more sense than my pictures for once!

      Happy crafting,

  2. Hi Mel, this is a cute bag well done! I am definitely interested in learning more about how you made the whole bag :)

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I will definitely try to do a more complete tutorial or at least a breakdown of the key features - inset zipper, twist lock, strap etc.

      Thanks for the encouragement,

  3. Me three, I love the look of this bag and I'm fed up hefting a massive sack around on my shoulder!

    (Not an actual sack you understand, but sometimes it feels like it!) xx

    1. Hi Samantha,

      I completely understand about the sack. I have to force myself to pick smaller bags when going out/overseas so I don't carry the kitchen sink with me! I have another really cute dumpling/bucket bag post coming up which is a nice small bag but doesn't have pockets for things like passports. Will post it soon.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting,