Double Flap Pouch variations

This is just a quick update, I meant to post these pictures shortly after posting my double flap pouch translation tutorial post but somehow time got away from me.I did however, manage to finally tidy up my sewing area with a quick 3 minute bobbin storage tutorial which I will post as soon as I've done my assignments. This is my second last week of my women's rotation before I start my paedatric one so I'm trying to make the most of it but promise you will hear from me soon. In the mean time hope these two photograph only tutorials (unless you read Chinese which I don't) for the double flap pouch tie you over. The one on the left looks like a good starting project for leather craft but I spend too much on fabric as is. **To view the pictures at a decent size save them to your computer and zoom in, I downloaded them already grouped together.

It was my birthday last week and Pruet baked his first ever cake. He used a full block of chocolate in the cake and another full block in the icing, it was obviously a rousing success with that much chocolate and much appreciated. I think the first ever cake I baked was from a packet so I think I can official handover all cooking to him from now on. 

Happy Crafting!

PS. I'm off to eat my cake

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Double Flap Pouch Tutorial Translation

The last few weeks have been pretty busy. I've had two weeks of back to base teaching, basically all day lectures. After having a year and a half of clinical placement, it really makes me wonder how we managed to sit still all day during those first years of medical school. It was probably all the more painful because I'm enjoying women's health. I spent the last week before the back to base teaching with an infertility specialist, and it was equal measures amazing and awful because of some of the patient's stories. Women's health has reminded me why I wanted to do medicine in the first place, as cliche as it sounds. As both my parents are nurses, and the majority of our family friends are nurses, I wanted to be a midwife growing up, mostly because I adored babies. I have more than thirty cousins on one side of my family alone, so there was always someone to dot on. 

Everytime you start a new clinical rotation you always get asked what you want to do, and I always used to say I wanted to do O&G but I'd wait till I saw my first natural birth. Now I've seen more than half a dozen deliveries and thankfully still un-traumatised,  I'm really happy I've found something I like.

Anyways back to the craft. Between sewing all the made to order things formy etsy shop and playing around with my new fabrics, I finally got around to making something for myself.  A couple of months back I made a new bag, which I'm slowly working my way through making a pattern for now. However, the bag doesn't have built in card slots like my Soy Envelope Clutch, and given that my wallet is too big for the bag I had to find somewhere else to store all my cards I decided to make something for myself. I've had the pattern cut out for this double flap pouch for a while now and only just got around to making it. The original tutorial is in Chinese, and takes a whileeeee to load and there is a Portuguese translation as well.

The original double flap pouch
So before you start a few quick pointers: 
1) I would add 1 - 1.5 inch to the fabric for the flaps, as the flaps for my pouch are shorter it is very hard to pull the flaps to reach the buttons, so I can't cram as much as I would like to into the pouch. 
2)  I can't read Chinese so I wasn't too sure how to use the template. From the original pictures they used a large seam allowance and sewed around the interfacing. So I would estimate you are supposed to use the templates for your interfacing and trace slightly large fabric pieces from the template as best as you can (these don't need to be perfect if you are sewing around the interfacing anyways).

What you'll need
  • Copies of the template. Click on the images, right click to Save As, and print to fit an a4 size sheet of paper.
  • Outer fabric pieces
    • 1 x body of bag from template A
    • 1 x long flap from template B
    • 2 x short flap from template B
  • Interfacing - iron on heavy weight- 2 cut from each of template A and B
  • Lining fabric pieces
    • 1 x body of bag from template A
    • 1 x long flap from template B

For what to do keep reading after the jump

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New fabric + a clean sewing machine

It's been a while since my last post but I've been busy sewing and studying. As I mentioned in my last post I've been doing some long crazy hours waiting for births, we have to observe three, amongst other thing. But I also had a bumper week with my All Wrapped Up + Handmade Etsy shop, 7 sale in 7 days, it's probably the best week I've had ever. But given that most of my items are made to order it's also made for a busy busy week. 

I've also almost come to the end of some of my yards of fabric. And with the Australia dollar still going strong, to convert from USD to Australian would lose me more money than it would cost me to buy more fabric. So I went on a fabric shopping spree of course. I finally found more of the timeless treasures owl fabric and I bought some larger print fabrics, one of which I've decided to use for a  laptop cover. All I have to do now is decide on a design. I might just go with one of these.

If your my facebook follower you may have seen my post on to the Lincraft facebook wall looking for a fabric, they replied really promptly but since then haven't replied. Sad face. My friends tell me I sounded crazy desperate. It's because they seem to have discontinued their line of micro pindot fabrics which I've always just thought were part of their standard fabrics and would never had to worry about them running out of. Oh how I would've hoarded the fabric. I used the orange micro pindot fabric to line both my elephant and owl fabric Sandi ID wallets, and given my difficulty in matching fabrics I've had a hard time trying to find a substitute.

So back to my bumper sewing week. I was having a bit of a problem with triple stitching my white thread as it was coming out all grey like. So....I've never cleaned my sewing machine before, but I figured there was some machine oil or something staining my thread, so I grabbed the midget screw driver my machine came with and got to work. When I opened my sewing machine, it was like the moment when you take off the keys of your keyboard and see how much gunk is there....

Can you see or the pinky/purple dust in the machine? It was greasy...ewww. It gets worse.

I grabbed a cotton tip and pushed the dust out from between the feed dogs (?) and it was so greasy and old it came out in the shape of the slot....

Anyways it's probably time to clean my machine again. Apparently every 10 hours of sewing? Or was that machine needle? Well you should change your needle regularly anyways. On a side note I have a Janome machine but lots of left over singer needles, they work together just fine! I googled it once and it said I would kill my machine, but it's okay so far. Fingers crossed. 

Happy Crafting, 
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