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So you remember how I mentioned I was hoping to go do a medical student elective to the Mae Tao Clinic on the Thai side of the Thai-Burma border? Well I got accepted!!! (yes three exclamations point's worth of excitement). 

I've been making use of a recent 50% yarn sale at lincraft to hoard yarn/ wool and have been steadily working myself through the different colours. I've been crocheting during my allocated study break time when I'm watching TV (read - listening to the TV with the occasional glance to see what's going on screen when it suddenly goes silent). Mostly I tell myself I'm being twice as productive so I can merge two of my procrastination hobbies into one. The beanie at the front is is my new favourite coloured yarn combo - it looks like a reggae hat but with pink and for babies: 

I've made quite a few so I don't have to concentrate too hard except when I'm counting the increase in stitches. Once it's just one double stitch in each double stitch I can study by recalling my notes outloud, but to be honest the act of talking to myself out loud whilst crocheting and listing the types and details of incontinence calls to mind images of an old cat lady....who may or may not be my future, please not.

If you are interested in crocheting for the charity of your choice, or if you wanted to crochet/knit beanies for me to take to the Mae Tao Clinic, check out my free tutorial. You don't even need to know how to crochet, my tutorial even tells you how to tie a knot: 


If you check out the tutorial I crochet in a spiral and whilst it looks like a coffee coaster I did promise that it does turn into a beanie shape, and here is the proof:

If you use baby yarn/wool which is finer than you will need to add an extra row of increase stitches before starting the rows of just one double stitch in each stitch and probably have about 16 - 18 rows instead of 15. 

Happy Crafting

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  1. sending some love from myanmar(burma), hope you'll enjoy the stay at mae daw clinic during work ;)