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So coming up to the last few weeks leading to exams I won't be able to post any sewing tutorials as I've packed everything away - well I've put the dust cover back on my sewing machine and piled all the sewing paraphernalia into a corner. But I will be posting Works in Progress (WIP) and probably a few photo dumps from my phone - mostly relating to cooking, because eating and eating lots is the key to surviving the exam period. 

So for my first WIP involves using up my fabric scraps. I have a LOT of fabric scraps. The last time I looked it was about 3 shoe boxes worth of odd shaped bits of fabric I've accumulated and not wanted to throw out 'just in case'. 

 Well I think I've found my just in case project. 

So I probably do have enough scraps for a small quilt or a pillow case, but I really want to turn my scrappy triangles into a quilted laptop cover. Also I figure it's a smaller project so the likelihood of completion is higher. 

1 of many bags of scrap fabric - odds and ends, and  salvaged fabric from past prototypes

There are some really good instructions at Crazy Mom Quilts - I used normal paper as suggested for my templates but realised you really need to double back at the start and finish otherwise the stitches will come off as you pull the paper away. You could probably use freezer/baking paper instead to make it easier to pull off. 

Diary of a Quilt Mavern also uses these scrappy triangles but shows you the different ways you can arrange them to make different shapes.I think she also sewed long strips of fabric into a layered rectangle and then cut triangles from them which is probably more time efficient if you don't have scraps already.

I only have a handful of scrappy triangles so far but I really like that you don't have to be good at matching fabric to get this right, it probably looks better the more varied it is. And how cool is it that it looks different depending which way you turn the triangles?

Happy Crafting. 
PS. Don't forget to have a look at my crocheting for charity post - it includes a free beginner's beginner tutorial on how to crochet a beanie from holding the yarn to making the first stitch.  

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