Post Exam Photo Dump

If you follow me on facebook you may have noticed a significant increase in photo posts as I attempt to finish as many sewing projects as possible before heading overseas to start my medical student elective on the Thai/Myanmar border at the Mae Tao Clinic.

For a while I thought I had stumbled upon a really ingenious idea of recalling flashcards whilst crocheting and recalling them out loud, which is quite clever but as it got closer to the exam period it became to difficult to coordinate my hands whilst freaking out about things like antibiotics and management flowcharts. 

I've switched from crocheting to knitting as it turns out the crochet hook I have is too small for some of the yarn I bought and results in coarse, firm hats. My knitting experience consists of a 5 x 10 cm all knit rectangle that I turned into a boob tube top for one of my barbie dolls when I was 8 years old. But like riding a bike after I had youtubed how to cast on, since I had some dodgy version in my brain, I've been able to make 2 - 3 hats a day. I think I must be holding the needles weird since the web spaced between my second and third fingers is killing me at the moment. 

So I finished exams on Tuesday last week and decided I would combine my love of food and hanging with my friends into a charity brunch to raise money for the Mae Tao Clinic. I ended up cooking 3 kg of bacon, 3kg of hashbrowns, 2 kg of stuffed mushrooms and 1kg of spinach and tomatoes and eggs, lots and lots of eggs. But the best part was being able to experiment with a bunch of desserts I had wanted to try out including this apple crumble pie.

So with my second and third fingers in pain at the moment I decided to switch it up and sew some things I had sketched out during the start of the year. 

I bought a bunch of these frames a while back and they are sold in my etsy shop. They are really handy since you only have to sew the top and bottom of a wallet as the raw edges of the two other sides get stuffed into the metal frames and hidden from sight. However since there is no tutorial out there for them at the moment only a few people know how to use them, and most of them use them for wallets like the ones you see in shops with these frames. So I've decided to use them in as many different ways as possible i.e. in the jewellery clutch 

The left side of the travel organiser clutch has a curved open pocket to store tickets/ papers and is open at the top so larger bits of paper can fit in. In front of the curved pocket is an open passport pocket as well as an elastic pen holder. 

On the right side of the wallet it looks like a plain old zip pocket..


But inside there is secret zip pocket to stash cash and on the opposite side there is a card pocket to hold those essential travel cards. The zip pocket can also hold a passport in case you are afraid that it will slip out of the pocket. 

And last but not least if you haven't already seen it on facebook this is bag I designed for my friend Candy (yes, yes another bag named for another friend). It features a heart shaped twist lock and a drawstring closure underneath. Although I've made a few of these now, I haven't had a chance to photograph them step by step so hopefully when I get back from overseas.

Happy Crafting! 
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