New Projects by you Part 3

I'm finally back in the saddle...of my sewing machine. Lovely imagery right? Well I'm not quite back in the saddle but I did an epic clean out of my craft area and as of right now everything has a place and is very pristine but I'm sure as soon as I start sewing there will be bits of loose thread everywhere again. Sometimes makes me wonder if I should just cave and let Pruet have his dog so I won't be the messiest person in the house anymore (an also it won't just be my hair all over the bathroom and kitchen floors).

So in lieu of anything new to post just yet as I had to wash and clean at least one of them for photographing, I've decided to do a new projects by you post. Most of these have been written in foreign languages Spanish, French...and one that google translate can auto translate but I can't figure it out (update: it's Turkish!), regardless they all have lovely pictures which explain their work as the google translate version of their post is probably not all that accurate. 

This a version of the DIY personalised fabric labels  rather than cut each label out separately the labels were cut out in long strips to make it easier to iron on.

This is a very funky fabric version of the Sandi ID wallet with an extra pocket at the back instead of a clear ID pocket - very practical. 

I love the combination of the fabric colours in this version of the  patchworky bi-fold wallet with a single contrasting fabric strip across the front. The colouful zipper works well with the brown lining fabric as well. 

This wallet version also has a little tutorial on how to change up the shape of the wallet to an envelope clutch style. I think this is a perfect example of how you can take the basics of a bag/wallet tutorial and customise it to suit your needs. The contrasting fabric strip is now at the back. She also mentioned that she added an extra bit of fabric so that the zip compartment of the wallet wouldn't open up onto the interfacing/lining part of the wallet. Basically something I should have added to my wallet tutorial but didn't because my sewing machine (the old one) was dying as it went through the layers, so go check out this version with the tutorial.

I hope these photos give you some inspiration to get crafty. 
Happy Crafting, 
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