So it's been a while huh? There's been plenty of stuff going on that hasn't been blogged (possibly due to a misplaced camera battery charger) and the kicker to getting back up and blogging again was because my replacement Google reader - 'The Old Reader' pronounced my blog as 'dead' since I hadn't posted in a month. If you guys haven't already make sure to update your go to reader since Google is killing off reader =( or follow me on facebook.  There is a tutorial in the works which just needs to be written and was going to be the surprise update, but then I had all these food pictures to drool over. Also I have my 6 week break coming up and there will be some epic sewing of stuffs and a surprise I can reveal later on but until then this is how life in the real world has been.

There's been much procrasti-baking going on as I've waited for two shipments of clothing fabric to come in to inspire me to make more clothes. However I had to divert one to a relative's place in the US since the shipping ($70) was more than the cost of the very cheap fabric itself ($60 for 13 yards), so now I'm waiting another couple of weeks before I receive it.

In the mean time I've been busy at the oven instead of the sewing machine 

Berry Crumble Slice

Mini Cheesecakes

Pandan Chiffon Cake
Chocolate Fondant

Mini Apple Hand Pies

I've also managed to 'misplace' my camera battery charger and the weather has turned to miserable so it's been especially hard to take photos of my dress as promised. I let Pruet do it the first time round and he didn't tell me how awkwardly I was posed and that my sleeve was rolled up so it's been put away for another day. Also I haven't got much wear out of it since the stretchy jersey fabric I used to make it rubs against nylon stockings something horrible and static. The waistband is a bit wonky since I overestimated my waist and the inner circle for my circle skirt was too large but I managed to rectify it. I used the Amazing Fit 2648 for the top and I couldn't figure out my measurements even though I've read lots of blogs on how to measure yourself. My measurements showed me as a size 12 in some places and a 8 in others but I cut all the pieces in a 6 and it worked just fine. Also I only had 1.5m of this remnant fabric for $5 so I winged the skirt. Ironically though there are no pockets despite my fanaticism about all things pockets in work clothes, the fabric in this dress was just too stretchy for it. It looks good on and it has the right knee length for work, now all I have to do is make one in a non-static winter fabric. 

Until next time. Happy Crafting! 
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