Quick Living Room Makeover - Cushion Cover Tutorial

For the past year the living room has looked a little bland. We had a TV (which didn't work for a couple of months because we decided that since the antenna wasn't working anyways why add another distraction to our time; but we caved, bad and bought rabbit ears) and courtesy of ikea a coffee table and a couch. We had a bunch of mismatched pillows and throw blankets, so basically a great place for napping but not for congregating. So I figured a quick makeover for the couch and a new rug would change things up a bit. I got these two fabrics to match our red couch and since I only order 1/4 yard in one; I had to do plain backed cushion cases with the nice fabric on the front which suited me just fine since no one sees the back, and I get to keep the left over fabric for ID wallets and such.

This is one of the easiest items to sew since it's all straight lines and a zigzag stitch will secure the edges.

Left over fabric for ID Wallets, it's the best part of having a business all fabric is potentially an investment...lol
  The basic cushion case size is about 18 inch x 18 inch laid flat (it's much easier to use a old cushion cover as a template than to use the cushion itself)

(BTW  - all good craft rooms look like this hot mess)

What you'll need
  • 18 x 18 inch of pattern fabric
  • 18 x 10 inch of plain fabric (I used a natural twill)
  • 18 x 14 inch of plain fabric
    • If you don't have enough fabric you can do 2 x 18 x 10.5 inch and use two metal snaps or buttons (I did the first lot this way but decided I like the idea of a proper envelope slip case) 
  • This is the basic idea of how the overlapped fabric works

What to do 
  • Grab the 18 x 10 inch piece of fabric
  • Fold the 18 inch side down one inch + iron 
  • Unfold 
  • Fold the 18 inch side down 1/2 inch so it aligns with the crease just ironed + iron again

  • With the raw edge of the 18 inch side folded in; iron again
  •  Fold it over itself again
  •  Flip over and stitch down the hem
  • Do this with the other backing piece of plain fabric as well
  • Place the patterned fabric face up. 
  • Align the edges of the short rectangle with the patterned fabric and pin. 
  • Align the edges of the large rectangle with the patterned fabric and pin.
  • At the overlap it should look like this with the short rectangle tucked under the large one
  • You can stitch around with a straight stitch and then hem the raw edges with a zigzag stitch or I found the opposite way to be easier. By hemming the raw edge first the pieces held together perfectly and when it came to doing the straight stitch I could just zip straight around.

  • And that's basically it, the quick way to make cushion covers. You could add a zip if you like or studs if you don't have enough fabric but this is a great beginner's project.

Happy Crafting!

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