Quick Kitchen Sewing Project

I had some friends over the other day to help me consume the small feast of paella I made (which was super easy by the way, I'll post a picture the next time I make it, it was so good it's one of those I'll make it the day after I just made it because the left overs are already gone type of deal). And one of my friends was oohh-ing over this plastic bag storage bag I'd whipped up ages ago, and I remember I still had the photos and decided to post the tutorial for you all. 

I distinctly remember I was having a blur moment with my etsy shop, when I cut out the fabric for the Sandi ID wallets it was the wrong way round and the prints wouldn't line up, so I despondently shuffled them all into my scrap fabric box and whipped up this simple project to boost my confidence. It's probably the most used item I've made. 

Keep reading after the jump for the tutorial

What you'll need
  • 1 rectangle of fabric (any size you want really) ~ 60cm x45cm
  • 30cm elastic 
  • 80cm string 
  • Optional - Bodkin; I got mine from Daiso when I was in Japan, it was only 100 yen! But you can just use a safety in to thread your elastic through so you don't loose it

What to do 
  •  I chose this really small print fabric (also bought in Japan) because I really couldn't think of anything else to use it for, it's a bit hard on the eyes once you look at it for too long - like one of those eye trick things
  • Grab your rectangle of fabric, place the wrong side facing up; short side horizontally, and the long side vertically. Fold the top of the rectangle down 1 cm (short side) and iron.
  • Open up the 1 cm hem and fold in a little triangle bit of fabric at the edge as shown below + iron.
  • Fold down the 1 cm hem again + sew across the 1cm hem (making sure to catch the folded in triangle). This is the cheat's way to make a drawstring bag (fold and stitch method).
  • Grab the other short side of the fabric and fold up 1 cm, iron + hem. The picture below is of the two short sides compared.
  • Grab the plain hemmed side that you just completed and your elastic. If you have a bodkin, thread it through the adjustable loop, if not, grab a safety pin and pin near the edge of your fabric.
  •  Pop the safety pin/ bodkin with the elastic through the hem and thread through.
  •  Make sure to hold onto the end so you don't loose it in the hem.
  •  Pin the end of the elastic inside the loop before you lose it. 
  • Pin the other end of the fabric to the edge of the hem as well.

  •  I stuck a pin in perpendicular to the other two pins. The wrong side of the fabric should be facing you.
  •  Sew the edges of elastic and fabric together, running it back and forth a few times.
  •  Line up the long edge of the fabric and sew all the way down.
  • Thread the piece of string through the other hemmed edge of the bag, tie a knot at the loose ends and find somewhere to hang up your plastic bag holder. 
Happy Crafting

Ps. Sorry for the pictures, it's a combination of blur and my eyes were finding it hard to focus the camera (it really is a distracting print).
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