Diagonal Pocket Pencil Skirt

I am all about the pockets in work skirts and this is pencil skirt block trial 2.0 has 3 pockets, a product of a mistake more than actual planning (as are all good things like penicillin) and meh why not? Extra pocket to keep food and stuffs.

Given that I frequently misplace items and half my missed calls to my phone are from myself to find it, once I saw this pencil skirt I knew I had to make it. All the stashing abilities.

It has neat diagonal pockets if you squint.
I have a thing about fabric, besides hoarding it I don't like cutting into the nice new stuff so I have 2 meters of a lot of nice dress fabrics I've been too scared to cut into. The skirt fabric I used was a rescue from a scrap bin, it's a very stretchy knit fabric and I had to add quite a few darts to get the fit I wanted. Lesson learnt. Pencil skirt block trial 2.0, I'll keep counting my takes for me to whip out the perfect one consistently.

Attempting to take a photo of said skirt with Russell running around, but then he got near the aloe vera
So I captured him
The other issue I had with the fabric was the 3 pocket thing. As the fabric is directional I could only cut it one way and I think I cut one of the pockets too short so I had to hide it by adding in another front pocket panel. It looks ok, but when it's on it adds massively to the bulk; that and I used the same fabric throughout instead of lining fabric so the pocket seams are quite bulky. And the stretch in the fabric is incredible.

Was meant to be more pencil skirt-y  than wavy, but I stretched the knit as I speed through the stitches

I also still had a bit of trouble with the waistband due to the stretchiness of the fabric. So I had to use a button stud and a hook and eye. 

The next pencil skirt will be a green cotton broadcloth one with slash pockets or a black one with a peplum (I have the perfect template but it's a bit too short and tight for work), but the green fabric is washed. Life is so hard, such difficult first world problems. 

This is the skirt block template that I created from my own measurements as per the House of Marmalade instructions.

And this was my muslin from $1/m curtain fabric I picked up. The best part of the muslin is that you get to draw all over it and make all kinds of mistakes and not ruin the pretty fabric. I obviously forgot to cut on the fold here, hence the notations on my skirt block pattern.

I did my trial slash pocket with all kinds of texta goodness to mark it out.

And I learnt how to add a zip into the facing but silly me, I added it on the side as recommended where my pocket was, just looks awks, and the fact that anything that weighed down the pocket would likely also unzip my skirt. Would rather loose my phone thanks. 

Not all sewing endeavours turn out perfectly and I have a box of fail craft, I'll make a whole post out of it soon. Hope my fail craft motivates you to keep trying and remember 'keep calm and find your seam ripper'. I know have a wearable skirt that has of yet not unzipped itself, stores my phone and is of the appropriate length.

Happy Crafting! 

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  1. love how you persevered with your skirt. I wld most likely have gone mad. ;-)

  2. Es preciosa y te sienta estupendamente