Peplum Skirt

This peplum skirt was made about two months ago, but the photo taking part was what took the longest. 

I based it on a skirt I already had and used my skirt block but I'll need to draft a proper waistband for my skirt block instead of winging it, because everytime (total of 3 times) I've made a skirt I've needed to add darts to the waistband. 

The other thing I should not have done but couldn't help was adding side seam pockets. It added to the bulk and it's just a bit too poofy at the roundest part of my body. Although the peplum is good for disguising a stomach.

The peplum part of the skirt doesn't actually attach in the side seam. Instead of a front dart, there's a triangular bit of fabric (dart shape) between the front and back panels, and the peplum gets joined to the triangle, it makes for a nice peplum shape. 

So the issue I had with the waistband means that my skirt is lower at the top back at the waistband and looks a bit of a mess from behind.


The peplum is double sided and is shaped like so:

I actually wear my mistake diagonal pocket skirt the most, it's very comfy with the stretch fabric and all 3 pockets come in handy. I did learn the importance of understitching and how to use my fancy new invisible zipper foot in this skirt, so not all is lost, but definitely not a fat day skirt.

So I know this post is about 2 months late because in that time Russell has gone from looking like a smushed face polar bear soft toy lookalike with a penchant for not letting go of his giraffe at night....

To an almost 6 month puppy with a face like a real golden retriever, who leaves Russell fur tumbleweeds all over the house, gets to bag the front seat and rule the house (his dog house at least). 

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  1. Great skirt! :)