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Best laid plans and all that. I have been doing a tiny bit of sewing, mostly working on this compendium case in between time off work. And am sort of within my fortnightly posting schedule, if you squint at a calender and give up on reading the numbers exactly because it's just too hard.

But with the heat wave in Melbourne last week, five consecutive days above 41 degree celcius (105F) and a house inspection this week I haven't had much time. Inspiration came in drips and drabs, and it took a couple of days to figure out which fabrics matched and then another couple of days to unpick and retry the wrap around zip again. And by that point I was filled with the desire to just get it done. So although the bias tape is wonky and the iPad holder corners not exactly even, it's still pretty functional. As always there is a pocket for my erstwhile phone. And given that I just purchased my first ever iPhone I'd like to refrain from both loosing it and dropping it, which I'm want to do.

The other side is a clipboard pocket with a pen holder. The ipad/iphone holder side is a pocket and is made sturdier with a thick piece of cardboard in the pocket.

To make up for the short post I have some cute updates of Russell, who seemed to thoroughly enjoy the heatwave last week. We regularly sprayed him down with the hose and got him one of those plastic clam shell pools to play in. At first he was scared but we lured him in with some treats, and then he was all over it, bobbing in the pool for all his toys and tennis balls. 

Russell with his new favourite toy, a bunch of fabric braids in a holee ball. Keeps him entertained and from jumping up on the table, although we keep having to stuff the slobbery fabric into the ball.

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