Two new skirts in two days of new year

So this year I have a goal to participate in Me Made May, which means I have about 5 months to make 30 days worth of clothes. But given that I'm going to be spending 90% of my time in the hospital and the rest in pajamas, I've been trying to perfect my self drafted pencil skirt block via this tutorial with my previous versions here and this diagonal pocket skirt here. I managed to make these in under 2.5 hours each from tracing to cutting and sewing, which for me is pretty good. And I didn't have to edit the fit, finally figured out my waistband issues and basically went full throttle on my machine, zig-zagging the edges like a crazy lady. 

This houndsooth fabric was the first fabric I ever bought online, I bought 3 yard and the shipping was $26! I definitely would not be paying that for 3 yards now, although shipping has gone up, so I may yet eat my words.

Still yet to find the perfect place to photograph my clothes in the house, but I did move the bookshelf opposite the sliding door featured in this post, so I can now just place the camera on a shelf instead of on 10 shoe boxes so I don't get that double chin look. 

This next skirt is a patterned duck fabric, which is a medium weight fabric I was planning on using for a bag or a apron. But then I saw this picture of Fiona over at Diary of a Chain Stitcher and I wanted a black and white pencil skirt.

So this is less pencil skirty due to the lack of stretch in the fabric and more straight lined as I  don't want to be splitting the back seam for the sake of fashion. How awkward would that be. And knowing me it would happen.

The fabric doesn't photograph well but this is what it looks like up close.

I'm going to try and post at least once every two weeks. So I'm trying to whip up some projects to get through before I start my life as an intern in T minus four days. I want to make a nicer version of my blue princess seam dress with circle skirt

I managed to pick up this princess seam dress for 20 cents in a local op shop whilst I was on my country surgical rotation. To give you an idea of the incredible saving this was, patterns usually retail for $16 - 20 dollars here from the big 4. And the best thing was that this pattern is completely untouched. The previous owner had traced the size 10 pattern onto a medium weight paper already. Also their handwriting looks weirdly like mine, I really had to stare at it. 

Also if you haven't already seen it, this is the bag I taught my 12 year old cousin to make for her mother's Christmas present, not bad for a first time sewist.

Happy Crafting

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