Papavero dress pattern review

So I finally did get that tripod I was talking about, the one I thought would enable me to blog more. So here's to hoping. It's an old tripod of my father's from the 90's - it has a spirit level and everything. Even though I couldn't figure out how to get my new fangled digital camera to sit in it, it did sit on the top precariously balanced which means I was still able to get some pretty decent shots, especially considering that Russell was cautiously sniffing at it and potentially going to charge at this new strange contraption invading his garden.

This dress is fast becoming a favourite for comfort reasons - it looks good belted and makes a nice cutout, but on the frequent occasion I eat more than I should I can remove the belt and relax in comfort. I used a free dress pattern from Papavero. Google translate tells me it's a Polish website. It's not too difficult to navigate but does require you to sign up to download the free patterns. Sometimes with the different patterns there are user's photo versions of the completed product at the bottom. This dress is the "Ready cut - dress without a hood". 

Unbelted it has the look of a Homer Simpson muumuu

For a pattern with only pattern pieces this was easy enough to put together. There was a front and back piece cut on the fold, a side insert, sleeves and facings. There was a weird piece I remembered that was the same shape as the side insert but 2/3s as long, I couldn't figure out what it was for but ended up extending the armhole facings to fit the armhole and scrapped that piece altogether. I also drafted my own cap sleeves for this dress and added inseam pockets.

I finished the dress with an invisible zip at the back.  The pattern was a print at home pdf pattern which I like because it saves me tracing the flimsy tissue paper patterns to paper before then tracing to fabric. The print options are per size so you need to check their sizing chart, but this is one of the few dress I've cut straight off that fit really well.

And this is Russell after deciding the tripod was not an enemy, maybe a plaything, possibly a friend and deciding he'd much rather be in the photo with me than fighting the unknown. There are a bunch of photos with his tail or nose poking in, and horrible ones of me trying not to laugh as he head butts my butt or licks my hand.

Sadly I missed Me Made May this year. I did wear as many of my me made items as possible but didn't get around to document it. I think a month worth of hospital bathroom mirror shots would've turned most people off. I actually don't know where all the time has gone. Suddenly I'm nearly halfway through my internship and have to apply for jobs all over again. I feel like I've just got this one and would like to focus on working but alas I've now got to pimp my CV and think of clever ways of incorporating hospital values into a gazillion and a half cover letters. Wish me luck.

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  1. Bonne chance !!!

  2. Yet another pattern company I have never heard of! - This is such a great versatile dress and certainly does not resemble a muu muu - the cap sleeves are a great addition. I might check this pattern out - based on your great result and not the slightly odd manga-esque pattern illustration...

    Good luck with the job hunting!

  3. very pretty!I like papavero as well;-)