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Given that I'm such a fan of my self drafted pencil skirt, and my new flush of success with quick knit fabric dresses the next few items I've made have been self drafted. 

My tried and trued pencil skirt got a bit of an upgrade. I was convinced to use interfacing in my skirt waistband and I can say I now know what I've been missing all this time, it stops the waistband facing from rolling out and showing itself to the world. 

I also made the effort to line the skirt for a number of reasons, the fabric I chose I'm pretty sure is a quilting cotton from Thailand so it's a bit on the thin side and secondly it is so stinking hot that it's nice not to have all your clothes clinging to you. And I mean stinking hot in the nicest possible way, I'm getting a great tan. 

If you follow me on facebook you may have already seen this self drafted pencil skirt as well. It's a tulip print linen from Spotlight, or as Pruet has been calling it the Mario skirt, because the tulips looks like the ones you jump on to make him grow a size.

Given how keen I am on my pencil skirt I thought I'd try and draft a kimono sleeve top as it would be one pattern piece. I picked up this viscose fabric for under $4 at spotlight. I used this very clear tutorial over at Makery to make up my pattern.


I decided to give it some high-low action, and may have overdone it on the low action because when I wear it with shorts you can't tell from behind! It also doubles as simple work top for when I have not enough clean laundry (sadly more often than not). I finished the sleeves by using cuffs, following this tutorial over at It's Always Autumn.

The final self drafted item I've made is more of a cheats one. I finally got to be one of the bloggers who pulls a favourite RTW item from their closet and used it as a template to make a handmade copy cat version, ahhh the wonders of knit fabric. This is a nice thin knit from Super Cheap Fabrics, who I highly recommend.

This is a simple 3/4 sleeve shirt attached to a rectangular skirt with a piece of elastic sandwiched in the middle. I'm not too sure why I decided to cut the two seperately from each other, but the skirt was like 3 times the size of the top and the gathering part took ages but makes for a very twirl-y (?) skirt. 

I'm loving the whole self drafted thing and I reckon the next thing I'll try is a bodice. But for now I managed to pick up 5 simplicity patterns at $2 each at Spotlight so hopefully I'll start on one of the simple ones tomorrow. 

Happy Crafting! 
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  1. I love all these pieces - especially the kimono top. Must check out that tutorial!

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