Salme Sonja Dress - the one meter dress

One of the first dresses I made was the Salme sleeveless pleat front dress and I was keen to try another salme dress pattern when I came across this very in style Salme Sonja Dress, which is free on burdastyle.The high neckline with halter-esk style generally shows a little too much off that unfortunate part of the body that showcase the junction of upper side boob/underarm flab, but I was able to alter the style to avoid too much lunch lady action.

The fabric is a cutain weight cotton sateen from Spotlight which I had bought in the hopes of turning it into an apron due to it's large print, but once home I realised the sheen of it was much better suited to a dress, alas with only one meter it makes for a very short, and somewhat tight dress.  

As with many other bloggers who made the Sonja dress I had to alter the bodice to fit. I cut a size 6 and next time I might have to grade at the waist. Due to only having a meter of fabric, I made a circle skirt of the remaining fabric. I also bagged and lined the dress as per this tutorial over at Sew Me Love (my go to tutorial for such things); which was a bit more difficult given the narrow straps of the bodice and the thin lining fabric but this is why I have a lone chopstick hanging around in my sewing tools. 

The only well fitting part of the sonja dress is the waist, which is more tight than well fitting.

The top and sides of the Sonja dress were quite loose and I had to take up the straps by an inch. 

The directional print of the fabric means I should've cut seperate pieces for the circle skirt but I couldn't squeeze it in - at least the front worked out well. 

All in all, this is a great summer staple dress pattern and I definitely would recommend it to others. 

Sneak peek of my next post, my very first leather bucket bag, which nearly killed my sewing machine.

Happy Crafting! 

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  1. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.

  2. Hi lovely!! Sorry for the late reply to your comment on my blog. LOVE this dress!!! Thank you for sharing my tutorial, hopefully it will help other too :) xx