Not so city gym shorts

As a kid I never understood the concept of dressing down at home. I was always dressed and ready to go out somewhere. But now as an adult who spends most days with a belt cinched around their waist to hold the dreaded pager, I long for comfort at home, and have amassed quite the collection of trackpants. A recent gutting and reorganisation of my closet has reveal a fond liking for the comfortable clothes I walk the dog in. Mostly the elastic in them all I think. 

I've mostly erred away from making shorts and pants because, you know, camel toe. I have resized the odd pair of pants, and to my horror it has made an appearance on occasion. But these shorts called to me, they had the same appeal as my black gym shorts. I hoped by adding pockets that they'd be wearable outside the house for walking the dog and for lounging on the couch, in bed, in the kitchen, you get the idea, but I think I set my expectations a tad high, because when Pruet noticed them I got a "you're still in pajamas?"

The pattern is City Gym Shorts by Purl Bee and it was quick to put together even with my detour into pocket land. I picked up the eyelet fabric at a 50% Lincraft sale many years ago, but it is a tad transparent so I cut a second front piece for lining, and it also meant I didn't have to cut an additional pocket piece.

The Chambray-esk fabric was from a new local fabric find, Kim Anh Fabric in Oakleigh. It's a veritable maze of wonders. There's a massive collection of notions and fabric; from suiting to sateen to lining. Reasonably priced and definitely a better range than the Lincraft/Spotlight apparel fabrics. 

I limited myself to these three with set projects in mind; well semi-set, the chambray was meant to be a circle skirt.

I've had boxer shorts as a project on my to do list as a stash buster forever, but can never be bothered due to the sewing in of elastic; this was a cinch and a motivator.

I swear I did iron these, but I also spent much time lounging in them. 

Now I hate hate hate bias tape making. I picked up a 3 piece pattern and realised it required bias tape to finish the arm holes, I even brought it back unfinished from Mildura for 10 weeks, such is my hate of bias tape. But using this amazingly clear pictorial from aptly named So Sew Easy 

and the life saving printable bias tape maker from The Scientifc Seamstress I got through the ordeal okay, and even motivated myself to finish the top.  

In fact I was so motivated, I made two in a row. When I first started sewing I picked a lot of small print floral fabrics, which is really hard to use in most things, but after wilting away in my stash this floral print has found itself a project; sans pockets this time. But I shall be on the hunt for outdoor city gym shorts appropriate fabric. 

I cannot recommend this project enough, it was a free at home printable pattern, with good stash busting possibilities. It is available in a multitude of sizes by hip measurement, and was spot on.

Happy Crafting! 

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  1. Wow really amazing tutorial....

    1. Hi Mini,

      Thank you for stopping by. The shorts were one of those quick, satisfying makes that boost your energy for another project.

      Happy crafting,

  2. Nice shorts! I should start making pants too and this pair would be a good exercise. Thanks for sharing the fabric store detail. I should visit there one weekend too. :)

    1. Hi Cozy Cotton,

      These shorts have been getting a lot of wear, and I cannot recommend the pattern enough. I'm even considering tackling pants next, nothing too ambitious, likely flannel PJ pants, but this is a great starter project. And the fabric shop is amazing. You will need to peek in every nook and crany, and it is totally worth it for all the beauties you will find.

      Happy Crafting,

  3. Nice shorts! I should start making pants too and this pair would be a good exercise. Thanks for sharing the fabric store detail. I should visit there one weekend too. :)