Salme sonja two piece peplum and skirt

So given the success but the borderline indecency of my previous Salme Sonja due to its rather risqué length I was pretty keen to give the pattern another go in the form of a day to day wearable counterpart. When the time came however I just couldn't stick to the original pattern, mostly because of my indecisiveness. In the end I settled on a skirt plus a top which equals a dress. If you haven't already tried this free pattern you should, I used the bodice alterations from my first version.

The dress is actually a peplum top tucked into a circle skirt. The top is a looser fit peplum as the cupro fabric I used doesn't have any stretch and as you may have already gathered from my previous blog posts, I design my clothes for comfort and for eating, the stuff of life. 

The top is great paired with shorts (in these last vestiges of Summer) or with jeans.

Hemming both a circle peplum and a circle skirt made me want to sob a little inside but I got it done. I live in a block of units, and share a wall with the neighbours, our living room where my sewing machine resides attached to their unknown room, so when sewing late at night (which is often) I have to pop my machine on my slowest speed (aptly designate by a turtle shape), thus the entire hemming endeavour was in fact crawling.

So my last post and the next few features a few photos of me with my phone. My old inherited canon ixus 60 is probably a decade old at this point, and whilst the camera still works the quality is meh. My phone does a better job. After remembering this post on Very Purple Person, I downloaded the Cheez app on my iphone and ipad, and lo and behold not so bad photos. I'm not quite sold on investing in a dslr and learning real photography, despite the fact that my blog is obviously photo heavy. 

Anyway I digress. Back to the clothes. I love the flattering shape of a circle skirt despite the amount of time it takes to hem.

 And despite the Marilyn Monroe-esk moments.

They are super twirly.

Even the dog likes them.

Happy Crafting! 

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  1. What a pretty dress! And doubly versatile, as a two-piece. The fit is definitely better this time around. :)

    1. The fit and comfort is definitely better this time round. Thanks for stopping by and the lovely comments.

      Happy Crafting,