Salme Sonja Upcycle

So this is my last Salme Sonja version for a while, mostly because of the cold weather, coldest April in Melbourne and all that, not because I love the pattern any less after three versions.

This is not exactly how the Salme Sonja free pattern project picture looks like on Burdastyle, but the halter-esk bodice looks great with the looser fit top. 

The fabric that I used for this top was rescued from one of those dresses you get overseas on holidays, because you know, you're tourist. I think I wore this dress all of once. 

I managed to get a fair bit of fabric once all of it was unpicked, and the best part was that it was already hemmed, and the sides were overlocked.

I drafted the facings for this top off the front and back bodice pieces. This top is actually quite similar to one of Salme's patterns so I won't post a tutorial.

Even though I never wore the dress much I've worn the top multiple times.

It's great tucked and out and the best part about the fabric is the directionality of it. 

I finished the back of this top with a button loop closure but I didn't really need to as I never open the button loop to get the top over my head. 

If you haven't already check out Salme, or the pattern, or need some inspiration check out my previous curtain fabric version, or my 2 piece peplum version.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I can't believe that you made these! And honestly it gives me a lot of crazy ideas for all the nonsense that my family keeps in storage haha! Think of the potential!