Hudson Pant - Part Un, deux, trois

The weather has been miserable and wet, and I have been side tracked by other crafty endevours instead of blogging. But the time spent on other crafty endeavorurs namely Pillowcases for Oncology Kids and on pinteresting woodworking stuff, has been spent in my very comfy hudson pants.

 The sun finally made an appearance this weekend, following the artic vortex we just had visit us. So I got off my butt, and out of my cough induced haze to take some photos.

So I've made three pairs of hudson pants in quick succession, all of which are going straight from the washing line and straight on to my legs, that's how good they are.

The first pair was in a knit fabric from Super Cheap Fabric in Dandenong, for $3.99/meter. The girl who used to update the facebook page I think must no longer work there, the shop is now twice the size and moved to the outside of the complex but still part of the shopping centre. 

I cut a size 2 as per my measurements, but ended up skinnifying the thighs, but the size was perfect from the knee to calf. I didn't use the contrasting panel.

The only other change I had to make was for the elastic. I had 1/2 inch elastic on hand from my grandmother's old sewing box, I actually have a spool of it, so I used it rather than getting the 2 inch elastic recommended, and it's held up well. But because I'd already cut the top band, I end up with a bit of a frill and had to sew above and below the elastic to make sure it didn't do that annoying turning inside it's casing thing. 

The top I've paired the pants with is another handmade item. A knit top based off a rather used-by-date but favourite knit top I bought RTW for $5.

I may have got too excited with the hi-low action on this top, and gone too low at the back again, much like my self-drafted kimono top.

My second and third hudson pants used woven fabrics, and I altered the pattern using the very handy tutorial on True Bias. 

The second pair was made from a mystery fabric, it's a bit static-y and thin, so not suitable for outside the house wear, but will make a great spring pair of pants for home, and in that vein I've paired it with a very comfy at home top. No matching required.

For the woven versions of the Hudson pants I followed the tutorial exactly and they turned out amazing. This last pair is my favourite, and they are usually worn very casually, but given their comfort they'd make an easy day to night transition.

The fine print of the rayon I used for this pair of pants doesn't photograph well, but I promised they are not so hard on the eyes in person.

TBH I had to dust off those heels, and the wrinkly but comfy turqouise jacket to put together the outfit above. Mostly the pants are worn like so: 

In keeping with using the 1/2 inch elastic, I shortened the height of the band of the pants, and the elastic hasn't twisted at all despite my not sewing it down. Can't recommend the hudson pant pattern enough. I have a grey sweat knit lined up for my next pair.

In case you haven't been on my facebook page recently (you should), this is what has been keeping my sewing machine busy:
Pillowcases for Oncology Kids, a great charity that provides handmade pillowcases to paedatric oncology patients for their unfortunately frequent hospital visits. I did initially try my hand at quilting, my grandmother made these amazing 60 degree traingle quilts for all her grandchildren, all 12 of us, plus some extras, and I love mine to bits, so I thought I'd start with a pillowcase, it's a work in progress.... I got side tracked by a 50% off quiliting fabric sale at Spotlight and ended up with a lot of new fabric. Somehow all the robot and marvel superhero fabric were already in my stash, I only meant to buy contrasting fabrics....The pillowcases have been a quick gratifying project, especially knowing they are going to a good cause, and they are great for stash busting.

 Happy Crafting

mel@all.wrapped.up Web Developer

The indecisive crafter


  1. All three are terrific, great job! I love how you change the look with your footwear. What a lovely charity. Well done.

    1. Hahaha. I only change the footwear to give the illusions I'm not taking a bunch of photos all on the same day due to laziness.

      Happy Crafting,

  2. Your Hudson pants are really inspiring me to try making my first pair! Thank you for this post. And you are doing such a fantastic and thoughtful thing by donating the pillowcases. The kiddos must love them ,but I bet the parents are incredibly grateful for your kindness. (As a mom whose son has been in the hospital many times can attest to). :)

    1. Hi Kitty Crafter,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Hudson pants are the best. I feel for all your hospital visits. Sewing for charity is not ongoing a fantastic cause but also a way to use up the ever growing fabric stash.

      Happy Crafting,

  3. The pants look great! I got the pattern since I love my joggers. For the woven ones did you size up as recommended or did you stick to the same size used for the knit ones?

  4. are you going to blog again? I miss you

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